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Brace Yourself: Time For Dental Braces


braces in Dubai
Dec 05 2018

Brace Yourself: Time For Dental Braces

Dental braces are a very common treatment offered to children to correct crooked teeth. The natural teeth are pulled into correct places using brackets fixed on to the teeth and wires to tighten them over time. The process often takes a long time, years in some cases, but is a very effective treatment method for straightening teeth. Although braces are typically done for teens and children, today there are braces available for anyone choosing to realign their teeth. Orthodontics -  How does it help? Wearing braces not only improve an individual’s appearance,...

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A great smile means having perfect set of teeth.
Aug 08 2018

Fill in The Blanks

Have you ever tried looking at your set of teeth as if you are looking at a blank canvas? The blank canvas would look dull unless you put something in it, so you try to fill in every blank space you could find. A smile should not be a blank canvas. It should crease to show that every space inside is filled in with superb details. There are certain people who are not born with a great canvas, but the good news is there are certain people who are born to...

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teeth whitening dubai
Nov 20 2017

Why At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit May Not Be A Good Choice

At-home teeth whitening kits are popular as it restores whiteness and a healthy shine to dull and stained teeth. They are safe, affordable and usually do exactly what it says on the package. However, at-home teeth whitening kits may not be your best option. Let's look at top reasons why you may need to forego do-it-yourself kits.   You are an early teen You are a teenager but still on the early side of it. Teeth whitening kits are very popular amongst teenagers. If you are an older teen, there are minimal dental...

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Dental Clinic
Oct 11 2017

Cosmetic Dentistry To Reclaim Your Natural Smile

When someone makes a joke you want to laugh out loud, but are worried about the appearance of your teeth. Whether it is cracks or stains smiling and laughing will make you feel self conscious. Is it possible to have a beautiful smile that is all yours without years of wires and metal braces?   Your smile is a noticeable feature and one of the most important elements of your personality particularly when it comes to interacting with people. When you have a beautiful smile you will appear confident and you are...

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good dental clinic in dubai
Jan 15 2015

Childhood fears of the Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Adults are often scared and fear dental treatment in Dubai so it is understandable that children can be scared and fearful of a dentist as well. Lessening their fears and anxiety can help make the visit much more comfortable and positive for the child. There are a number of ways that this can be done.

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