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Orthodontics Archives - American Dental Clinic
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How Cosmetic Dentistry Has Taken The World By Storm


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Aug 08 2017

How Cosmetic Dentistry Has Taken The World By Storm

Cosmetic dentistry not too long ago was considered only for the rich and famous. It was for anyone interested in acquiring those Hollywood looks. It is becoming more of a norm these days, with even the average person showing an interest in cosmetic dentistry in Dubai. New advances in dental technology has give us removable aligners, clear braces, white fillings to give you a pearly white smile, porcelain veneers to correct misshapen or crooked teeth, an custom made mouth guards to whiten your teeth at home. So why did cosmetic dentistry become...

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May 08 2016

5 Myths about Orthodontic Treatment Debunked!

Specifically speaking orthodontic treatment refers to the branch of dentistry that focuses on correcting the position of teeth. It may treat conditions like misaligned and crooked teeth and malocclusion – A condition that causes the lower and upper jaw to not come together properly forming a distorted bite. Orthodontic treatment is performed for both aesthetic and health purposes. But despite the wide horizon and scope of this branch of dentistry many people still believe many myths and misconceptions associated with it...

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Mar 21 2016

What you need to know about orthodontics

Growing up, our parents have placed great emphasis on cleanliness. They would always made a fuss when you came back from school or play with muddy shoes or with stained cloths. They would brush and wash our shoes, cloths and would give us a good bath and scrub to make us squeaky clean. But they know we willalways come back a mess after play as it is something that cannot be avoided. Specially as children, we only wanted to have fun and never bothered or even took a second to...

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