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As soon as an infant is born, his or her body, including the mouth, is thoroughly examined by a physician or a nurse. A newborn’s gums, tongue and soft palate are normally developed, but some variations may be seen in other cases such as:

Epstein’s pearls: These are small, pearl-like spots found on the roof of the mouth. These are harmless and will be cleared within a few weeks.

Inclusion cysts: Found along the crest of the gum ridge, these bumps are also considered harmless

Bohn’s nodules: These bumps or cysts are very similar with Epstein’s pearls but found on the sides of the gum ridge rather than the roof of the mouth.

Natal and neonatal teeth: Some infants are born with one or more teeth, called natal teeth.

Some babies will have teeth emerge into the mouth within the first 30 days of life, called neonatal teeth. Because these are primary (baby) teeth, and not extra teeth, it is a good idea to keep them if possible. However, sometimes, natal or neonatal teeth may have to be removed if they come loose, interfere with feeding or significantly irritate the tongue or lip.

Case Studies


I started taking my 7 year old to the dentist around 5 years back. Her pediatric dentist at ADC is very friendly and attentive that now my girl loves going for her dental appointments!
- Sarah Miller
I noticed that my 1 year old baby had swollen gum which irritated him a lot. Thanks to his dentist at ADC, we were able to fix the problem right at the start.
- Malini Dayal

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