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dental veneers in Dubai
Apr 16 2018

Do You Want To Have A Brilliant Smile

You've heard that veneers are a good way to get a dazzling smile. You've seen how Hollywood smiles can make people stop and stare, and you secretly wish you had one of them. Veneers are an effective dental solution for many dental flaws and one of the best ways to enhance aesthetics so here's more to elaborate on.   Firstly, there should be a specific purpose to getting a veneer. Veneers are an affordable dental solution if you have broken, crooked and discoloured teeth. There are reasons why people need veneers, and...

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dental implants dubai
Apr 12 2018

Want A Beautiful Smile? Dental Implants Can Give It To You

Do you have missing teeth? Does it cause you embarrassment to smile or laugh in public? Do you avert your gaze from people wanting to talk to you? It is good to remember that this is not the way to live your life. Yes, missing teeth does impact your appearance but you can do something about it. If you want a healthier smile and stronger teeth, dental implants in Dubai is the most effective dental treatment.   The best thing about dental implants is that it is permanent. They are anchored to...

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implants in Dubai
Apr 06 2018

You Too Can Have A Healthy And Beautiful Smile With Dental Implants

Dental implants are fixed to the jaw, making it seem like it’s a part of your natural teeth system. It is artificial but looks completely natural, and no one would guess that you’ve got an implant in your mouth. It is no longer a cosmetic enhancement but a procedure that offers countless benefits.   Dental implants unlike dentures cannot be removed. Implants can be easily cleaned and maintained making them more hygienic than dentures. Also, you can brush and floss your implant pretty much like you would your natural teeth. Dentures,...

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smiling couple
Apr 01 2018

All About Non-Prep Veneers

Do you need veneers but you are hesitating because of the process? Non-Prep Veneers are the answer for you. Veneers are custom-made shells designed to cover the front surface of the teeth in cases where teeth are discoloured, worn down or chipped, uneven or irregular, among other things. These kinds of imperfections in a person's teeth, can affect their self-confidence in personal and social situations. However, several people might hesitate because of the hassle that is sometimes associated with normal veneers. At the American Dental Clinic we are now offering state-of-the-art Non-Prep Veneers. Why...

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Mar 28 2018

Non-Invasive Laser Treatment For Gum Disease

Did you know most people would rather risk losing a tooth than get gum surgery? Patients with Periodontitis, or gum disease, suffer erosion of the gums and bone, causing the teeth to become loose in their sockets. Left untreated, the bacteria causing this disease can travel into the bloodstream and cause heart attacks or even a stroke. But patients are still reluctant to do the surgery. Now, thanks to Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), they have the option to treat gum disease with: NO Cutting NO Stitches NO Recovery Time LANAP is the first and only university...

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Mar 17 2018

Treating Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)

Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) is a disorder affecting the facial muscles and joints. It is mostly related to muscular problems due to the bite. When these joints and muscles aren't working as they should, they can cause severe headaches, muscular pain that can travel down to the neck and shoulders, pain while chewing and difficulty in opening and closing the mouth, How do we treat it differently? Some dental professionals might not associate the pain with the Temporomandibular system but rather with the teeth themselves, resulting in a misdiagnosis.  So, the teeth are treated...

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Dubai teeth whitening
Mar 07 2018

Teeth Whitening And Kids

Is teeth whitening safe for kids? Some kids start out with pearly white baby teeth. As they change their teeth for adult ones, their teeth might appear discoloured or slightly yellowish. This is completely normal, and more times than not, it is a passing phase and the discolouration will disappear. In some cases however, especially with teenagers, their teeth can stay a yellowish colour despite great oral care. In these cases, the child might want to consider teeth whitening. For children aged 15 years and over, in-clinic whitening systems are too aggressive. Home whitening...

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Tooth Decay
Mar 04 2018

How Much Sugar Does A Kid Have To Eat To Get Tooth Decay?

We all enjoy that sweet something every now and then. Kids on the other hand can live on the stuff! But how much sugar can a child eat to cause a cavity? Luckily, it isn't the amount of sugar your kids eat, but how long their teeth are exposed to it. Parents put your minds at ease. You aren't going to go to battle with your kids for that piece of chocolate or candy. The good news is, they can enjoy it, but they need to do it right. Try to limit their...

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smile makeover dentist dubai
Feb 16 2018

Do You Want A Celebrity Smile?

Few people have a naturally flawless smile they are born with. The same applies to celebrities. They do not wake up looking as good as they seem to appear on T.V. If you've wondered how celebrities walk around with gorgeous smiles, you can be assured they have a cosmetic dentist in their corner seeing to every dental flaw and irregularity. If you take Cheryl Cole, for instance, go back and look at her when she was a young singer on Popstars in the early 2000s and you would see how...

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girl Cosmetic Dentistry
Feb 14 2018

How Dental Implants Can Improve Your Overall Lifestyle

Are you missing teeth? Or, are you going to lose some teeth? If you have been considering tooth replacement solutions, dental implants in Dubai is one of the most effective treatments to ensure you live an overall productive lifestyle. As a result of losing teeth, you can lose functionality which can be restored through dental implants. Implants can restore natural chewing ability and help you indulge in your favourite foods once again. Whether you are ready to try a steak, or bite into a crisp and juicy apple, dental implants in...

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