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Smile like a WINNER

Implants dependent on one’s individual situation; based on this, the periodontist will draw up a plan for implants that is most suited to you.

Replacing a Single Tooth This is quite simple, as you only need to replace that one tooth with one implant and crown

Replacing Several Teeth Slightly more complicated, if you have to replace several teeth you will need to consider implant-supported bridgesdental-implants

Replacing All of Your Teeth You may opt for an implant-supported full bridge or full denture in the event where you have to replace all your teeth

There are a number of factors to look out for when carrying out a surgery as delicate as dental implants. For one thing you need plenty of bone to work with which can prove to be an issue especially in the upper back jaw area not only due to its inadequate bone mass, also its closeness to the sinus. There are surgeries that can be undertaken such as sinus augmentation which is focused on raising the sinus floor while also building up bone in preparation for dental implants.

There could be situations where irregularities either in the upper or lower jaw can leave you with insufficient bone for the purpose of incorporating dental implants. For those who suffer from such conditions, this solution involves lifting the gum away from the ridge exposing any defects. Where less bone is detected, your periodontist will fill in the shortcoming with either real bone or bone substitute in aid of building up the ridge. Not only will this improve appearance as has been seen in the past, it will also elevate your eligibility for implants in the future.

Unlock the door to a winning smile with the most significant dental implants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, tailored to your specific requirements by our skilled implantologist whether you need a single tooth replaced or a complete treatment for numerous lost teeth, our expert team will create a personalised implant plan to restore the functionality and beauty of your smile.

Comprehensive Dental Implant Solutions

With our modern dental implant process, replacing a single tooth is simple. Seamlessly integrating a single implant and crown provides a natural-looking and long-lasting solution for your missing tooth.
Our implant-supported bridges provide a dependable and long-lasting solution for patients who need to replace multiple teeth. Our expertly designed bridges increase stability and usefulness, restoring your chewing and speaking confidence.
When faced with the difficult challenge of replacing all your teeth, our dental implant-supported full bridges or complete dentures offer the best answer. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional dentures and hello to the comfort and security of implant-supported restorations.
In exceptional cases, like numerous teeth loss, decay or severe gum diseases, we opt for All on 4 dental implants.Consult today with our best Implantologist in dubai & Abu Dhabi for the right treatment.

Overcoming Dental Challenges With Precision

Start your dental implant journey confidently, knowing our experts can handle even the most challenging cases. From correcting insufficient bone mass to overcoming jaw abnormalities, we use innovative methods like sinus augmentation and bone grafting to ensure effective implant placement.
Our dedication to excellence goes beyond simply restoring your smile; we prioritise your long-term oral health and well-being. By increasing your implant eligibility through complete bone augmentation procedures, we promise a brighter and more confident future for your smile.

Case Studies


Getting the implants was the best decision I took in recent times. Thanks ADC for the excellent treatment and support.
- Sumit Ganguly
I am pleasantly surprised with my dental implants from ADC. They not only fulfill the look and feel of natural teeth but are also quite functional. Thank you so much for recommending them.
- Nancy Gira

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Frequently Asked Questions

What age should I consider getting dental implants?

The optimal age for dental implants is determined by individual factors such as oral health and bone density. Adults who have stopped developing and have fully grown jawbones are ideal candidates for dental implants.

What are the advantages of dental implants against alternative tooth replacement options?

Dental implants provide many advantages over traditional tooth replacement solutions like bridges and dentures. They offer stability, longevity, and functionality similar to natural teeth, preserve bone structure, and do not necessitate the modification of surrounding teeth.

Is dental implant surgery painful?

While dental implant surgery causes some little discomfort, it is usually well-managed with local anaesthesia and sedative options. Post-operative pain is typically managed with over-the-counter pain relievers recommended by your dentist. Contact the best implant dentist in Dubai at American Dental Clinic today for a consultation.

How long does a dental implant last?

Dental implants, with proper care and management, can last a lifetime. They are intended to be a permanent tooth replacement treatment and have a high success rate when installed by qualified professionals and adequately cared for. If you’re planning on getting a teeth implant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, visit us for a consultation today!