Dr. Michael R. Ziegler is proud to be the only LANAP certified provider in the Middle East.

No Scalpel. No Stitches.

Restore gum health through a comfortable and revolutionary laser gum treatment.

If you’re suffering from periodontal disease, pen-implantitis, or a failing implant, you owe it to yourself to talk to in about the LANAP protocol!.

The American Dental Clinic is the only clinic in the UAE and the MENA region to do LANAP using Millennium Dental Technology from California. Dr. Michael Ziegler trained over a course of two years in the US with Millennium.

What is LANAP?

Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) is a high-tech, minimally-invasive, and FDA-approved laser periodontal treatment. It is the first (and only) laser treatment for gum disease that’s backed by both clinical and laboratory research.

This modern technique treats gum disease via laser gum treatment, helps regrow healthy gum tissue, and prevents gum recession — all while leaving healthy tissue intact.

We may recommend LANAP as a treatment for a variety of issues, including:

• Gum disease
• Failing implants
• Peri-implantitis (through the LAPIP protocol)

Whether confronted with periodontal disease, failing implants, or the intricate challenges of peri-implantitis via the specialised LAPIP protocol, LANAP surgery serves as an inspiring model for holistic oral hygiene. LANAP facilitates the regeneration of healthy gum tissue and bone by subtly eliminating diseased tissue and pathogens through the use of cutting-edge laser technology. Forget the pain and uncertainty that come with standard treatments; the LANAP procedure is a minimally invasive option that is more accurate and effective than anything else on the market.

What to expect from your treatment?

LANAP surgery is a full-mouth procedure that can be completed in just one visit.

After gently numbing your mouth, we’ll use the high-tech PerioLase® MVP-7™ to remove diseased tissue and bacteria from the affected areas. Ultrasonic instruments will then remove any tartar from the roots of your teeth.

As a final step, we’ll use the laser to seal the treated area, allowing your gums and bone to regenerate.

Typical recovery time is less than 24 hours. Plus, there’s virtually no risk of infection. You’ll see an improvement in your gums right away!

Discover the benefits of LANAP surgery

This state-of-the-art laser gum treatment allows us to repair and restore unhealthy tissue without the need for traditional cut-and-sew gum surgery. LANAP dental treatment helps with:

  • Promotes regeneration of healthy gum tissue
  • Minimal pain, sensitivity, or bleeding
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Very little downtime after treatment
  • Lower risk of infection
  • Faster and more comfortable healing

Customer Reviews and Advanced Dental Care

Through the eyes of our pleased customers, you can witness the groundbreaking LANAP procedure for yourself. The efficacy of laser gum treatment at American Dental Clinic in preventing recession, restoring healthy gum tissue, and combating gum disease has been lauded in numerous reviews. Patients experience extraordinary oral health improvements due to our advanced LANAP surgery, which obviates the need for them to endure time-consuming traditional cut-and-sew procedures. Appreciate the convenience of a single-visit treatment accompanied by minimal interruption, decreased swelling, inflammation, and an almost painless experience. A transformative dental experience supported by clinical excellence and client contentment awaits those who select LANAP laser gum treatment in dubai at American Dental Clinic.

Highly recommend Dr. Michael Ziegler and ADC,
they are the pioneer and the best.

Zhenya Khan, Happy LANAP Patient

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does LANAP work?

LANAP utilises laser technology to remove diseased tissue and bacteria while promoting the regeneration of healthy gum tissue and bone.

What conditions can LANAP treat?

LANAP can treat gum disease, failing implants, and peri-implantitis through the LAPIP protocol.

Is LANAP a painful procedure?

LANAP is minimally invasive and typically involves minimal pain, sensitivity, or bleeding.

What are the advantages of LANAP over traditional gum surgery?

LANAP offers benefits such as reduced pain, swelling, and downtime compared to traditional cut-and-sew gum surgery.

How long does a LANAP procedure take?

LANAP surgery is a full-mouth procedure that can typically be completed in just one visit or one day.

Are there any risks or side effects associated with LANAP?

LANAP carries minimal risks or side effects, with virtually no risk of infection and a short recovery time.

How long does it take to recover from LANAP?

Typical recovery time for LANAP is less than 24 hours, with patients experiencing immediate improvements in their gum health.

Can LANAP help with gum recession or gum tissue regeneration?

Yes, LANAP promotes the regeneration of healthy gum tissue and can help prevent gum recession.