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Pain in the jaw and noticeable limitations in jaw movements can indicate any Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD). As with other joints, TMJ is also affected by injury and conditions such as arthritis.

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What is TMJ-TMD?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJ or TMD) affect the complex system of joints, muscles, and teeth in the jaw. More prevalent in women, these disorders manifest as chronic jaw pain, discomfort, and headaches, often linked to a misaligned bite. Our TMJ specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are well-equipped to address these issues with precision and expertise.

Causes of TMJ or Joint Pain

The common causes of TMJ are clenching or grinding the teeth, tightening the jaw muscles, and stressing the temporomandibular joint.

It can also result from a damaged jaw joint due to an injury or disease. Patients who experience TMJ disorders may experience a misaligned bite, intense headache, jaw pain and problem eating. Our holistic approach to treatment encompasses addressing these root causes for lasting relief.

Reducing TMJ Pain with Cutting-Edge Solutions

Experience relief from TMJ pain and jaw immobility with the help of our highly-trained medical specialists and state-of-the-art American technology appliances. Whether you require TMJ treatment in Abu Dhabi or Dubai, our clinics can address your needs with precision and expertise.

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With the help of our highly-trained medical specialists, you can now achieve relief from chronic pain and jaw immobility caused by TMJ through our American technology appliance. We offer full consultation and plan of TMJ treatment in Dubai suitable to your needs. We then carefully monitor your recovery and check your progress, whether or not you need further care.

Benefits of getting treated include:

  • Increased quality of life.
  • Less facial/joint pain.
  • Reduced incidences of worn, broken, or loose teeth.
  • Fewer headaches and pain in the ear area.


Our TMJ specialists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are dedicated to improving patients’ overall quality of life through effective and comprehensive treatment.

“Thankful to Dr. Michael Zeigler and the ADC team for successfully administering my TMJ treatment.I highly recommend ADC to anyone suffering from jaw pain.”

- Willem St. Francis, TMJ patient

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of TMJ disorders?

Symptoms of TMJ disorders include chronic jaw pain, discomfort, headaches, and restricted jaw movement. These symptoms may be exacerbated by teeth clenching, grinding, or stress affecting the temporomandibular joint (TMJ). If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s essential to consult a TMJ specialist in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for proper diagnosis and treatment.

What treatment options are available for TMJ disorders?

Treatment options for TMJ disorders vary depending on the severity and underlying causes. Common approaches include lifestyle modifications, dental splints or appliances, physical therapy, medications, and, in some cases, surgical intervention. At the American Dental Clinic, our TMJ specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer comprehensive treatment plans utilizing advanced technology to address individual needs effectively.

When should I see a dentist or healthcare professional for TMJ issues?

If you’re experiencing persistent jaw pain, discomfort, headaches, or difficulty with jaw movement, it’s advisable to consult a TMJ specialist in Abu Dhabi or Dubai promptly. Early intervention can prevent worsening symptoms and improve overall quality of life. Our team of highly-trained specialists at the American Dental Clinic is dedicated to providing timely and effective TMJ treatment in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Is TMJ surgery always necessary?

TMJ surgery is not always necessary and is typically considered a last resort when conservative treatments fail to provide relief. Non-surgical approaches, such as dental splints, medications, physical therapy, and lifestyle modifications, are often effective in managing TMJ disorders. However, if surgery is deemed necessary, our TMJ specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are equipped to perform advanced surgical procedures using the latest techniques.

How long does it take to recover from TMJ treatments?

The recovery time from TMJ treatments varies depending on the specific treatment modality and individual factors. Some patients may experience relief from symptoms within a few weeks of starting treatment, while others may require more extended periods for complete recovery. Our TMJ specialists in Abu Dhabi and Dubai will assess your progress closely and provide ongoing support to ensure optimal recovery and long-term management of TMJ disorders.

What causes TMJ disorders?

TMJ disorders can be caused by various factors, including teeth clenching, grinding, muscular tension, stress, and trauma to the jaw joint. Additionally, factors such as arthritis, malocclusion (bad bite), and structural abnormalities can contribute to TMJ issues. Identifying the underlying cause is crucial for developing an effective treatment plan. Our TMJ specialists in Dubai and Abu Dhabi conduct thorough evaluations to determine the root cause of TMJ disorders and implement targeted treatments accordingly.

Is TMJ a medical or dental problem?

TMJ disorders involve the jaw joint and can be both dental and medical concerns. Dentists often diagnose and treat these conditions due to their relation to oral health, but medical professionals may also be involved, especially in complex cases. TMJ Treatment may require collaboration between dental and medical experts. For TMJ treatment in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, consult our clinic today!