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Hygiene /Tooth Cleaning

Our team of international, fully licensed dental hygienists at the American Dental Clinic and Advanced American Dental Center is uniquely qualified to assist in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Our experienced hygienists attend education seminars regularly to keep up with the latest in research and technologies. Consult our clinic for the best teeth cleaning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Dental hygienists treat gum disease and help people maintain good oral and general health by educating them on how to prevent oral diseases through taking care of their teeth and gums. People who have regular preventive dental treatment are known to be considerably healthier.


    EMS AIRFLOW provides advanced, non-contact dental maintenance and prevention. This cutting-edge Swiss technology uses air to remove plaque and stains from your teeth and gums in a quiet, less intrusive manner. Your teeth are gently cleaned with a high-pressure water/air stream.

    The duration of a standard teeth cleaning treatment is typically halved thanks to this mild dental equipment.

    It sprays warm water, superfine powder, and a controlled stream of air onto the tooth in order to dislodge food particles, and remove plaque, discoloration, and stains, and can be used to also clean those difficult-to-reach places.

    There is no longer a need to manually scrape your teeth with a dental scraper, lessening the impact on your tooth enamel.

    This makes way for a faster, quieter, and more comfortable experience with us.

    For more information about dental cleaning in Dubai contact American Dental Clinic.

Veneers /Non Prep Veneers

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials intended to cover the front (facial) part of the teeth for improved appearance.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the most common cosmetic dental procedure sought by people primarily to remove the accumulated stains on the teeth. These stains can be removed quickly, safely and with minimal discomfort utilizing In-Office whitening systems or custom home trays. Your dentist or dental hygienist will be able to determine which treatment or combination of treatments is the best for you. Book your appointment today at American Dental Clinic for services like teeth whitening and dental cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

“Thankful to Dr. Michael Zeigler and the ADC team for successfully administering my TMJ treatment! I highly recommend ADC to anyone suffering from jaw pain.”

- Willem St. Francis, TMJ patient

Ms. Eva Pavlikova
Professional Bio

Eva Pavlikova, triple educated as a Nurse, Dental Technician and Dental Hygienist from the Medical College in Bratislava, Slovakia, started her dental career working as a dental technician for 2 years in a private dental laboratory followed by 6 years as a dental assistant.

Eva decided to settle in the UAE in 2003, after graduating as a Dental Hygienist and has spent years working with the Advanced American Dental Center in Abu Dhabi.

FAQs: Teeth Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

Why is dental hygiene important for overall oral health?

Without good oral hygiene, you might have to say goodbye to your pretty smile. Due to bad hygiene, infections like tooth decay, gum disease, and more are pretty common. These infections can turn into big problems that can lead to lots of medications, including painkillers, antidepressants, and more. For services like tooth decay removal or teeth cleaning in Dubai, book your appointment with us today for an in-depth consultation.

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned frequently, like every six months is usually advised. But it depends on patient-to-patient and their teeth conditions. For teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, consult American Dental Clinic, which has the best dentists in town.

What does a dental cleaning involve?

Dental cleaning is usually a six-step process, starting with a consultation and a physical exam to determine the state. This is followed by removing plaque and calculus. Then comes toothpaste cleaning, flossing, and rinsing. But the final and most important step is the application of fluoride treatment. For dental cleaning in Dubai & Abu Dhabi contact us. Book your consultation now.

Does teeth cleaning hurt

No, teeth cleaning does not hurt. Usually, patients have this assumption ready that the machines will cause pain and discomfort, but it does not. It also depends on your dentist and how comfortable they make you feel like keeping the process transparent, making sure the patient understands what happening at each step and more. For a pain-free and stress-free dental cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, book your consultation with us today! We make sure to enhance your smile without any discomfort

Can dental cleanings prevent cavities and gum disease?

Yes, the main goal of dental cleaning is to reduce the chances of oral issues like cavities, infections, and more. But if you are already suffering from gum disease, a deep dental cleaning might be the right choice for you. Visit the best teeth cleaning in Dubai today to learn more about teeth cleaning and its advantages.

Can dental cleanings improve the appearance of my teeth?

Dental cleaning can help your teeth look fresher after removing plaque and tartar. The usual yellow layer on our teeth is removed during the process. Dental cleaning does not comply with the positioning of your teeth. So, in a way, yes, dental cleaning will improve the appearance of your teeth. For teeth cleaning in Dubai, contact American Dental Clinic.

What happens if I skip my dental cleaning appointments?

Skipping your dental appointments until and unless its an emergency is a bad decision. It will only make the plaques build up more resistant which can lead to cavities and infection. If you miss your appointment, it’s better to reschedule as soon as possible. For the best teeth cleaning in Dubai make an appointment with us today.

What is the importance of fluoride in dental care?

Fluoride helps in making your teeth stronger. It prevents tooth decay and other infections by making the enameal more resistant towards the acid and other components that might cause any harm. It is said to reduce the risk of cavities by 25%. That is why the most important step in teeth cleaning is fluoride treatment. For more in-depth knowledge and consultation for teeth cleaning in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, book an appointment with us today!