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About Us - American Dental Clinic
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About Us

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Why Choose Us?

What makes us different from the other dental clinics.

American Dental Clinic is unique and distinctive because we incorporate skill, experience and technology under one roof. The work of our highly competent doctors of varying disciplines of dentistry, coupled with the use of the latest equipment and technologies ensures that each patient is treated like royalty. Our complete team functions on the sole purpose of ensuring complete patient care and satisfaction, and this dedication is what sets us apart from our counterparts.

What Makes Us Unique?
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We are honored to be providing the finest dental treatments in Dubai for the past 30 years! Our world class doctors and facilities are our distinguishable feature that we’re pride to provide to our patients across all our three branches.

At American Dental, treatments are offered to improve the functionality and appearance of teeth while ensuring that the process is minimally invasive, and as comfortable as can be for the patients.

Our Specialists

Our team of award winning dentists

Our Clinics

We have 2 clinics located in the heart of 2 major cities

3 Convenient Locations

Our clinics are located in some of the most populous and well known locations in UAE in the major cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, making our world-class facilities easily accessible.

Our Clinics

+971 4 3440668 amerdent@eim.ae