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Sep 15 2017

3 Ways To Maintain Dental Hygiene With Braces

Maintaining healthy oral practices is something that people seem to find incredibly cumbersome in this day and age particularly, so when it comes to additional care with braces, it’s not always well received. However, it’s essential as it can make a huge difference in your life. If you’ve got braces, then you need to make sure that in order to avoid any potential dental issues, you take good care of your teeth. Having said that, remember that simply employing these practices for a week and then forgetting all about it...

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veneers in Dubai
Sep 04 2017

Dental Veneers Will Transform Your Appearance And Give You A Stunning Smile

If you smile or laugh less, hide your smile in crowds or feel embarrassed to leave the house, it may come right down to your teeth. Did you know there is a long term solution to your dental irregularities? Dental veneers in Dubai may be the key to getting you to smile and laugh again. Many people clam their mouths or stiffen their upper lip because they are afraid to laugh. You have dental flaws, dental veneers is the most popular treatment to cover them for up for you. It...

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dental implants dubai
Aug 28 2017

Can Dental Implants Improve Your Overall Health?

That missing tooth means more gaps in your smile that you would prefer not to have. Replacing a tooth is not all about vanity, it is so much more. As much as your facial features may be enhanced it also improves your overall health. The boost in your smile is a bonus. When you lose a tooth the surrounding teeth tends to shift to close the gaps. The teeth in your other jaw also begin moving. As you chew with missing teeth the biting force is unevenly distributed, this can actually...

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dental veneers dubai
Aug 16 2017

Do You Want A Beautiful Smile? Dental Veneers Can Give It To You

Do you ever stop to consider how important your smile is? Do you know how it can affect everything around you? Studies suggest smiling often can reduce stress and improve your overall mood. An attractive smile is also highly beneficial as it can leave that first good impression whether it is at a potential job interview or social life. If, for some reason, you are hiding your smile because of dental irregularities you are losing out on good things. There are many reasons people have dental imperfections, it can be...

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dentist in dubai
Aug 08 2017

How Cosmetic Dentistry Has Taken The World By Storm

Cosmetic dentistry not too long ago was considered only for the rich and famous. It was for anyone interested in acquiring those Hollywood looks. It is becoming more of a norm these days, with even the average person showing an interest in cosmetic dentistry in Dubai. New advances in dental technology has give us removable aligners, clear braces, white fillings to give you a pearly white smile, porcelain veneers to correct misshapen or crooked teeth, an custom made mouth guards to whiten your teeth at home. So why did cosmetic dentistry become...

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dental veneers
Jul 25 2017

Ever Desired The Smile Of A Celebrity? Now You Can Have It

Whether you admit it or not, people find themselves constantly checking out photos of stars and celebrities. This may sound cliché, but the desire that we all have is to attain super star looks, if it is ever possible. Now, not everyone one of us has a team of stylists and makeup artists but what we do have are dentists in Dubai. Ever noticed how celebrities have the most gorgeous smiles? And brilliant white teeth, all perfectly aligned? However, not everyone is blessed with perfectly aligned teeth, even celebrities need...

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dental implants
Jul 16 2017

Dental Implants, Everything You Need To Know About This Treatment

If your dentist in Dubai has recommended dental implants as a restorative procedure to missing and deteriorated teeth, and if you are not fully aware of the procedure or what it entails, we will discuss dental implants thoroughly, so you can go for treatment with peace of mind.   Dental implants are truly like your natural teeth It is the next best thing. Dental implants are strong and stable and restore lost or missing teeth. They fit, feel and function in the exact same way. They do not interfere with smiling, speaking, eating and...

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Jun 25 2017

Taking Care Of Your Braces In 3 Easy Ways

Orthodontics is a pretty critical branch of dentistry, and in fact one of the most common. It has helped millions of people all around the world achieve their goals of healthy, confident smiles through many methods. From aligners to retainers and braces, the options are varied. Braces are rampant and many depend on them to help re-align and re-position their teeth. There’s an important fact to remember though. If you didn’t care much for the health of your teeth before, well now you should. Once braces come in, dentists in Dubai...

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Jun 15 2017

Misconceptions About Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are an incredibly simple yet effective cosmetic dental solution. Through which individuals can have the smallest of deformities of their teeth corrected. A minimally invasive approach is adopted in which the concerned tooth is covered with a thin sheet of porcelain. Serving to cover all of the apparent problems of the tooth and giving it an attractive appearance. But despite the simplistic approach and technique used in the placement of veneers many patients still refrain from this treatment option. Partially...

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