Why Dental Implants Are The Best Alternative To Missing Teeth?

May 14, 2024 - By Bruce Michaelson
Why Dental Implants Are The Best Alternative To Missing Teeth?

The loss of a single tooth or several teeth will affect not only your oral health but also your appearance. Unless replaced, teeth will begin shifting to open spaces risking further damage and fracture. When teeth shift it leads to misaligned bite causing problems to the jawbone. When the root is missing it can result in the jawbone sagging. Dental implants st the best dental treatment for missing teeth. Let’s learn more of its benefits.

High success rate

Dental implants boast a success rate of 95% and are considered the best choice for replacement teeth. The secret of implants is that it replaces the tooth and the root which helps protect the jawbone and remaining teeth. Dental implants contain a titanium post which acts as the root and integrates to the jawbone. Once it has healed completely the implant will create a stable foundation for the new tooth.

Strong and Durable

Implants are made of high-quality porcelain crowns and will naturally compliment your smile and match your existing teeth. It will function similarly to your natural teeth and you will be able to eat and drink your favourite food and beverages and brush and floss like you used to. Implants are durable and with the right dental practices, it can last even a lifetime.

Increased self-confidence

Some people have multiple missing teeth and dental implants in Dubai offer support to partial and full dentures and dental bridges. No longer do you have to deal with slipping dentures or embarrassing inconveniences of not being able to talk properly? The denture will be affixed to the implant creating a stable foundation allowing the jawbone to remain stimulated and healthy.

Stable anchor to the jawbone

Dental implants in Abu Dhabi can be the anchor for dental bridges. Bridges are ideal if you want to replace missing teeth adjacent to the other. There are many that feel anxious about getting a dental implant procedure for fear of the unknown. But, it is good to look at the facts and understand that the procedure is simple and non-invasive. There is no pain and once the implant integrates to the jawbone you won’t even feel the difference, and certainly, no one will know you’ve had implant treatment.

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