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orthodontist in Dubai
Mar 02 2019

Why Early Orthodontic Treatment Is Important

When you think about taking your child to the orthodontist, you probably want to wait till they are in their pre-teen years. But an orthodontic checkup for a young child is beneficial to them. While it is important to take steps to protect their oral health through regular brushing and flossing, taking your child for a yearly visit for cleaning is also important. Here's why. A pediatric dentist has the expertise and experience to identify if your child has potential bite problems, and they might even refer your child for further care....

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Feb 27 2019

Food You Can Eat While Having Braces – And the Ones to Avoid

So you have decided to get braces to enhance your smile? Congrats. In a recent post, we talked about how to take care of your braces. But there are a few things you should know about eating with braces as well.   In this post, we shall be looking at the kind of food you should be consuming after braces and the kind of food you should avoid to help you see the results you desire.   So here are the foods you can eat while having braces: Generally, you should go for foods that...

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Maintaining a Healthy Smile
Feb 20 2019

Top Tips For Maintaining a Healthy Smile

Maybe nobody has told you this, but the first thing people notice about others is their smile. A good reason you should put effort to maintain your beautiful smile.   The good part is, it takes just a little effort on your part to pull this. In fact, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is all you need to achieve this. And here are 10 things you should do every day to help you enhance your smile.   Invest In A Good Toothbrush We all know that regular brushing is necessary to maintain healthy teeth and smile....

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dental braces
Feb 13 2019

4 Easy Steps To Take Care Of Your Dental Brace

If you are wearing braces, taking care of them is equally as important as taking care of your teeth. If you take proper care of your braces, it will reduce the rate at which you visit your dentist, but more importantly, it will ensure that you achieve the result which you desire.   So how do you go about caring for your braces and your teeth at the same time? In this post, we have highlighted a few ways you can do this.   Brush Regularly and Properly When wearing braces, you don't just brush...

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cosmetic dentistry
Feb 06 2019

Facts and Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry

A lot of people have a desire to enhance their smile. However, many are dissuaded by the things they read or listen to. The truth is, a lot of these stories are untrue. If you are one of those that have been misinformed about cosmetic dentistry, this post will help you uncover the facts and the myths about the procedures so you can be able to make an informed decision.   Cosmetic Dentistry is Very Expensive This is perhaps the most popular misconception about cosmetic dentistry and one that stops a lot of...

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clean your teeth while wearing braces
Jan 31 2019

5 Steps to Clean Your Teeth While Wearing Braces

Having braces is not an excuse not to maintain proper dental hygiene. In fact, it is the more reason to make sure that your mouth is kept clean at all times.   While braces are meant to improve your dental structure, neglecting your oral routine or even doing it wrongly while wearing braces can lead to dental complications such as plaque, root canals, bad breath. But how do you clean your teeth while wearing braces? Here are 7 tips to help you clean your teeth properly while wearing braces:   Find the right toothbrush:...

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bleeding gums
Jan 21 2019

Bleeding Gums – Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

A good oral hygiene routine should involve caring for your gum as much as you care for the teeth and the tongue. Neglecting any of these parts can lead to some avoidable oral health conditions like bleeding gums.   While the gum is the foundation of a healthy dental structure, as many as one in every two people suffer some kind of gum disease but only three percent of that population seek professional medical help. This statistic is only applicable to Americans and could be similar or even worse in some other parts of...

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cleaning the tongue
Jan 14 2019

Why Cleaning the Tongue is Good for Overall Dental Health

There is more to good oral hygiene than brushing your teeth regularly. Cleaning the tongue is also important. In fact, regular brushing can be ineffective if you fail to dedicate time to cleaning other parts of the mouth; especially the tongue.   First off, the tongue's surface is rough, soft, always moist, making it a perfect breeding place for infection-causing bacterias. But apart from this reason, here are some other reasons why you should care for your tongue, just as you care for your teeth.   Here are 5 Reasons why cleaning the tongue is...

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what is tooth sensitivity?
Jan 05 2019

Tooth sensitivity Explained in Less Than 500 Words

If you always feel a sharp pain followed by a mild ache around your teeth; especially when you consume hot or cold food, chances are you have sensitive teeth. And it is not peculiar to you. Tooth sensitivity is a common health condition associated with about 1 in every 8 adults. Apart from being a common condition, there are other things you should know about teeth sensitivity:   Can Be Caused By Hard Brushing: If you often brush your teeth with too much force or you use a hard-bristled toothbrush, you may develop...

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Pediatric Dentist Dubai
Dec 27 2018

Pediatric Dentist Dubai: 7 Common Dental Problems in Children and How to Prevent Them

Dental health is important for kids as it is for adults. Truth be told, a lot depends on a person's smile. Talk about personality and confidence, and you wouldn't want your children to start loosing in the game early in their lives. If you want them to grow up with shiny, healthy teeth, then, you should make it a priority to take care of their dental health as well as educate them on how to do it by themselves. Below are some of the common pediatric dental issues and how to prevent...

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