3 Fluoride Facts You Never Knew About

February 15, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
3 Fluoride Facts You Never Knew About

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, there are many different things that you hear and read about. From the time you get your first milk teeth which your parents are totally excited about and go the extra mile to protect, to your first adult teeth that burst out and the last tooth to fall out, the dental routine never really ends. From eating right by avoiding sugary, processed foods and carbonated drinks to ensuring you clock in regular dental checkups with your dentist in Dubai, there are various factors that contribute to healthy oral hygiene. On that note, you’ve probably heard of ‘fluoride’ being thrown about in toothpaste adverts and perhaps even at the dental clinic. You probably even know it’s important and a part of maintaining healthy teeth but… what is it exactly?

Let’s find out. This list should help you form a better picture about the role it plays in safeguarding your teeth.


  1. IT IS NATURAL: This is something many people don’t know. Having seen it plastered across slogans all their lives, you’re automatically grown to assume it’s something that’s conjured up in a laboratory somewhere and then infused into your dental products. You could not be more wrong. Fluoride is very much a gift from Mother Earth and is found abundantly not only on land but also in water both fresh and sea. It also in fact, is integral in preventing cavities which in turn could reduce your need to get dental implants in Dubai or anywhere else for that matter. Impoverished societies in particular are known to have low fluoride content in their bodies which automatically leads to weaker teeth.


  1. ARMOUR FOR YOUR TEETH: Well, in every sense they are a shield of sorts for your teeth. The benefits of fluoride was something that was stumbled upon when it was found that communities that had access to areas low in fluoride had weak teeth as opposed to those exposed to fluoride-rich areas. Topical application of fluoride on your teeth coats them in the stuff, aiding in re-mineralisation and preventing enamel break-down that can happen thanks to acids present in the mouth. Incorporating fluoride in the system through fluoridated water for instance ensures that your body replenishes it from the inside providing even further protection for your teeth. Dentists in Dubai stress on its importance not just for children but for adults too.


  1. A DENTAL STAPLE: Although some areas as mentioned above are naturally blessed with abundant levels of fluoride, others aren’t. In such cases, fluoride is artificially crafted and released particularly into the water system which, by the way is completely safe. By doing this, a marked improvement in the health of teeth amongst people in those area was noticed. Aside from being useful in helping children develop strong adult teeth and assisting adults to prevent tooth decay, fluoride is also helpful when it comes to treating restorations. From crowns to bridges and dental implants in Dubai, it is an all-rounder. If you have a history of dental problems in your family, it is best you up your intake of fluoride.

According to the above, yes fluoride is useful however remember that too much of anything is not good. Speak with your dentist to find out what your intake should be like; you can also book yourself treatments which include adding fluoride so as to strengthen your teeth from time-to-time.

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