3 Ways To Maintain Dental Hygiene With Braces

September 15, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
3 Ways To Maintain Dental Hygiene With Braces

Maintaining healthy oral practices is something that people seem to find incredibly cumbersome in this day and age particularly, so when it comes to additional care with braces, it’s not always well received. However, it’s essential as it can make a huge difference in your life. If you’ve got braces, then you need to make sure that in order to avoid any potential dental issues, you take good care of your teeth. Having said that, remember that simply employing these practices for a week and then forgetting all about it isn’t going to help the least bit. Care over time has the best results so be committed to it. Dentists in Dubai particularly stress on this as they see people starting off with good intentions but losing their grip halfway through.

These should help you keep a healthy, happy mouth even with braces on.

  1. GET A CLEANING KIT: Most dental clinics give these to patients. Use it! This cleaning kit has a bunch of specialised equipment including specific brushes for you to use that help cleaning between your wires and brackets. Your regular toothbrush won’t be much use once you’ve got your braces on and it’s quite frustrating trying to pry out that piece of chicken for hours on end. Don’t let the kit gather dust on your shelf. If you don’t get one from the clinic, you can buy one yourself. Make a list of the brushes you need by speaking with your dentist in Dubai. This kit will really make your life a whole lot easier.
  1. MOUTHWASH: Seeing as how brushing is going to get a lot harder, mouthwash is your new best friend. Use one that is as natural as it can get if you can help it so you know you’re using the best treatment possible. If not, an alcohol-free one works too. Pick a flavour you like, just make sure that it does the job. Once again, don’t just buy it, make sure you use it. In fact, mouthwashes are also a great option for people who’ve had dental implants in Dubai as it’s tough for them to brush the affected areas without injuring them. Rinse for around 20-30 seconds for maximum effect and then spit it out. Don’t eat or drink anything, not even water for upto half an hour after.
  1. AVOID CERTAIN FOODS: Well yes it can be tough to even consider giving up gummy bears and candy canes but it’s for your own good. Not only these, but you should also look at cutting back on popcorn (gasp!), nuts and gum to name a few. Basically anything that is chewy or hard should not be in your diet. Of course completely eliminating them can be quite depressing, so if you find it really hard, then you can allow yourself the occasional treat. On your own head be it though. You should also consider this list if you’ve gotten or are planning to get veneers in Dubai.

How long you have your braces on really depends on the severity of your circumstances, however it’s not forever. It can be quite irritating particularly because metal wires sometimes have a mind of their own and decide to just pop out which can be not only uncomfortable but downright painful. Until the day comes when you can enjoy the freedom of your teeth, do try and adopt these tips.

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