3 Ways To Sink Your Teeth Into Achieving a Better Smile

March 26, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
3 Ways To Sink Your Teeth Into Achieving a Better Smile

Seeing as how one of the first thing you notice about a person when greeting them is their smile, it’s only fair to expect that they’d notice the same about you. So it really wouldn’t impress anybody if you’ve got flowy hair, polished shoes and impeccable nails if you greet them with a smile that’s yellow and stained. You’d definitely make a first impression, just not a very positive one. Chin up though, because after all we are belong to the progressive 21st

century and there’s always a solution for such problems. Or rather, solutions.


Here, you’ll be able to get an idea through 3 brief points on what you need to do to help make your way to a better smile which are also those that are recommended by dentists in Dubai. If you’re not already doing any of them, it’s time to get cracking.


  1. TOOTHBRUSH ROTATION: Let’s face it, nobody really spends much energy on thinking about the state of their toothbrush unless of course it’s so obviously worn down that you realise you can’t use it anymore at all. The thing is though, that if you do change your toothbrush every 2-3 months or so, you’ll notice a marked difference in your dental health. For starters, since the bristles are not really in place anymore you won’t be prying out any food properly leading to plaque and decay and eventually will need dental implants in Dubai. If you do remember to change it up, you can effectively clean your teeth in-between ridges and your gums. Why not put a reminder on your phone or just cross a date on your calendar that reminds you when to change it. Buy a bunch of them and keep them stashed at home. Then all you need to do is just whip one out!


  1. DON’T DELAY: One of the biggest reasons people experience such traumatic dental procedures is because when the first signs of a brewing problem began to manifest themselves, they weren’t given any attention. Eventually, the problem festered and erupted when it could no longer contain itself much like a volcano does when pressure builds up and it has no other option. You then not only spend more money than you would’ve had to had you nipped it in the bud you suffer from more severe treatments. Tooth decay is a good example of this as once you let it spread too far, there’s no other option than to extract it and resort to dental implants in Dubai.


  1. DISCPLINE: Good oral health all boils down to discipline. In fact, all good things to do with health boils down to discipline. The discipline to eat right, exercise right, go for regular checkups, brush and floss regularly, using a mouthwash, going for professional cleanings… these are all marks of highly disciplined people who genuinely care about their health. Most of us suffer from laziness more than tiredness and lazy will get you nowhere. Nothing can compare to your natural teeth to strive to keep them lasting and let them go when you naturally age. Remember to discipline yourself by adding on one good habit at a time and practicing it until it becomes second nature.


Aside from these, you need to visit your dentist in Dubai. Professional checkups even just twice a year (if you’ve got healthy teeth) are more than enough. It’s incredibly important so make sure you schedule it into your to-do list.

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