4 Top Benefits Of Non-Prep Veneers For The Best Results

September 19, 2019 - By Bruce Michaelson

A non-prep veneer can make a big impact on someone’s smile without damaging the enamel for anyone who is not pleased with the color, shape or size of his or her teeth.


Due to simple and effective ways they can be used to cover imperfections that restore the smile of people with discolored, chipped or gapped teeth, veneers have become a very popular dental option.


Porcelain veneers are traditionally used for this dental treatment. However, the thickness of a porcelain veneer requires the removal of some of the healthy enamel to make room and improve the surface of the bonding.


The veneer would create a crowded appearance without removing this portion of the enamel and potentially reduce the bond’s effectiveness.


Non-prep veneers offer the conventional porcelain veneer an alternative. It works much like conventional veneers of porcelain insofar as they are put over your natural teeth to hide unnecessary esthetic problems.


unlike porcelain veneers, however, non-prep veneers are ultra-thin and do not need preparation for bonding with your teeth to the tooth-colored shells.


It means your teeth will look exactly as they did before the veneers were mounted if you ever decide to remove the veneers.


Ideally designed to be ultra-thin (less than.3 mm and in some cases, as thin as a contact lens), non-prep veneers can be placed smoothly over your teeth to create a nice-looking smile.


For those who worry about having their enamel thinned to prep a veneer, the best non-prep veneers in Dubai are a viable option. The principle is not to damage the teeth’s sound tissues, but to bind only to the surface of the tooth. The result is to add some material with a non-invasive technique to the natural tooth.


Top Four Benefits of A Non-Prep Veneers


An increasing number of people are hesitant with the idea of permanently altering healthy teeth and stripping them of enamel. In line with this, there are several advantages to the best non-prep veneers in Dubai including:


Most Minimally-invasive Technique


It is a non-invasive method which is the clearest and compelling reason to go for non-prep veneers. Absolutely none of the surfaces of the tooth will be removed, so these veneers can be a great option for anyone worried about surface enamel removal.


Another pro is that, as non-prep veneers eliminate the need for any drilling, anesthesia is often not necessary.


Strong and Long-lasting


Porcelain’s bond strength to enamel is significantly stronger than underneath the dentin, thus, when bonded, a non-prep veneer is usually very solid. There is no exposure to dentin, and the teeth are in good condition, so you can expect your non-prep veneer to last long.


Hides Your Dental Flaws


By changing color, form, volume, angle or spacing, Porcelain Veneers will make your teeth look better. It covers any missing, chipped or cracked teeth that have or are discolored gaps between them.


This effectively masks imperfections of the dental as would traditional porcelain veneers. The need to extract tooth enamel while still having an effective solution to improve the appearance of a smile is minimized through non-prep veneers.


Provides Faster Results


Non-prep veneers deliver instant results, so you don’t have to fit temporaries. Non-prep veneers are ideal if you want to change your smile as quickly as possible.


You may be able to fit non-prep veneers at your dentist’s surgery in a single session while it may take up to four sessions to fit normal veneers.


Bottom Line


It is crucial to know that your cosmetic dentist has the knowledge and skills needed to give you the results you deserve when considering non-prep veneers.


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Our dentists spend a lot of time and effort on creating perfect smiles for our patients. Patients want to have beautiful-looking smiles that feel natural and can last long. Our patients with non-prep veneer enjoy all these plus, fresher and brighter smiles.

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