5 Dental Hygiene Habits Your Kids Need To Develop

August 11, 2019 - By Bruce Michaelson
5  Dental Hygiene Habits Your Kids Need To Develop

Children are like sponges, they absorb everything they see around them.  Parents are vital in becoming role models in bringing up their kids. Children listen, observe and learn. Because we love our children, we want what’s best for them; especially when it concerns their overall health. Showing them correct hygiene practices at an early stage will instill them good habits in taking care of their health.  Taking a bath regularly and keeping their nails short are only a few hygiene practices you can teach them. Investing in their oral health will go a long way to save you many trips to your Pediatric dentist.


  1. Brushing their  teeth after every meal


Make it a habit for your children to brush their teeth after every meal. Don’t let them skip brushing before going to bed too. Explaining to them the consequences of not brushing their teeth will make them realize their importance. Ideally brushing should take at least 2 minutes. There are several ways of making this activity fun for your children. Consider including it on their play-time before going to bed. Doing this will make it a habit for them; on which they will continue to be doing while growing up. You can always consult our Pediatric dentist on how to make this activity even more fun for your children.


  1. Limiting the intake of sugary food


There is nothing wrong with eating candy. But too much of everything is bad. Teach your children to limit themselves to eating sugary food. Young as they are, it may prove as a challenge but it will benefit them in the long run. Sweetened drinks also leave sugar particles that create a perfect place for bacteria to thrive in.  Several parents take this for granted as they believe baby teeth are not as important. However, baby teeth are essential in the health and growth of your children. It also helps in the development of permanent teeth. Starting your children off with good oral care by avoiding sugary food will help safeguard their teeth as they grow up.


  1. Flossing the right way


Even after brushing, there might be food particles left nestling in between your children’s teeth. Flossing serves as insurance to make sure we get rid of food debris that may inhibit tooth decay.  If done incorrectly, flossing may damage teeth and bruise your children’s gums. A lot of adults floss incorrectly without them even realizing it. Children should be taught not only the importance of flossing but how to floss correctly as well. 


4.Proper Hydration


Staying hydrated will do good for your children’s teeth. Drinking water keeps their mouth clean. Water washes away any food debris and residue that cavity-causing bacteria feed on. It also removes any acid that may cause a Ph imbalance in their mouth- which can lead to the thinning of the enamel. It also eradicates the risk of having dry mouth. Dry mouth may put your children at risk of tooth decay. Drinking water at least 8 glasses or more a day can cut this risk as your parents and our team of dentists works to find the best long term care for your children.


  1. Visiting the dentist regularly


The earlier your children practice visiting the dentist for regular checkups, the stronger their teeth will become as they grow old.  The main goal of dental visits is to asses problems early. As soon as your children get used to having their teeth checked regularly by a pediatric dentist, the chances of them having cavities and tooth decay will be lesser. Making this a habit will teach them to value good oral health.


Neglecting to let your children develop good oral hygiene habits will do them harm in the long run. Our dentists agree that it is never too early for your children to be taught how to take care of their oral health. Team up with our pediatric dentists to help your children have a happy and healthy teeth for life.

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