5 Dental Myths Debunked

February 28, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
5 Dental Myths Debunked

Sometimes the constant reinforcement of any fact or tip, that may even be a lie starts appearing like the truth. Throughout our lives we’ve been instructed to follow various instructions and rules to maintain our health; to such an extent that they’ve been engrained in our minds.

But ever wonder are all our beliefs about oral and dental health correct? or merely a product of profound reinforcement. A few myths that have prominently sprung up and circulated are debunked right here.

Myth No. 1 – Brush your Teeth after every Meal

As shocking as it may seem but even brushing your teeth can have its drawbacks.

As you may know that when we intake food it’s digestions beings in the mouth. During digestion the nature of the mouth becomes acidic to facilitate the breakdown of the food particles and this affects the teeth as well. The outermost enamel layer becomes weakened and if one brushes their teeth while the acidic nature of the mouth has not yet been neutralized then the pressure applied by the tooth brush will damage the enamel layer that serves as a protective covering for a tooth and will expose it to cavities and bacteria.

Myth No. 2 – Teeth Whitening will Damage your Teeth

Teeth’s whitening is a common cosmetic dental procedure and is conducted in a variety of ways; sometimes by dentists and hygienist in their clinics and often at home with the help of over the counter kits. A common misconception among the masses is that teeth whitening will damages the enamel layer of the tooth exposing it to further dental problems.

When in reality teeth whitening is an extremely safe procedure with no such outcomes if done correctly. If you are applying the product by yourself make sure you don’t apply it for too long and that the nature of the substance is not too acidic.

Obviously overdoing any form of treatment can be damaging but it is important to identify the application procedure as the culprit not the mode of treatment itself.

Myth No. 3 Intake of Sugar causes Cavities

This one is a real shocker!

We’ve all been told a million time to avoid sweets and soda’s to prevent cavities from occurring but this is not entirely true.

The sugar we intake is not what causes cavities it is the bacteria present in the mouth that does. The bacteria feeds on carbohydrates and sugars that in turn releases acid. It is this acid that attacks the enamel layer and causes tooth decay and cavities to occur.

Myths No. 4 – I’m too old to get Braces

Although braces are popularly paced on growing children to provide maximum results, they are just as effective for adults as well. The only difference is they might take a little more time but will surely produce a perfect set of straight and aligned teeth.

Myth No.5 – Always Rinse after brushing your teeth

The chemists and hygienist that work behind formulating toothpastes spend a lot of efforts to make the as effective as possible. Like the fluoride present in it will serve to strengthen the teeth so instead of rinsing your mouth after brushing spit it out instead. This is will allow the fluoride and other useful chemical substances to maximize their effect.

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