5 Dental Treatments Your Pre-Teen Can Take Advantage Of At Their Age

August 23, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson

Adults, as well as children, have to maintain a proper oral hygiene routine. Establishing this habit from childhood will foster best practices and ensure healthy tooth growth. Parents can start oral hygiene for children a few months after birth. 

It is vital to impart information about healthy dental habits and routines once they attain the ability to perform their duties. Make sure to educate your pre-teen about the need for proper oral hygiene and to set daily weekly and monthly goals. In this manner, you can ensure that they take adequate care of their pearly whites. 

Dental diseases and treatments in pre-teens include:

Tooth Decay

Decay is usually caused due to the collection of plaque. This is a layer of bacteria that builds upon the teeth. The bacteria convert sugars from food and beverages into acids. The acids can wear down the enamel and cause cavities. 

Children are prone to get tooth decay as they consume more sugary treats. They may also possess some milk teeth, which have thinner and softer enamel. Hence, milk teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and other teeth diseases. 

Following an ideal diet plan and a regular oral hygiene routine can prevent tooth decay. Extreme cavities can be treated with white fillings, inlays, and onlays. In worst-case scenarios, it is best to extract the tooth. 


It is the initial stage of gum disease and is caused by plaque. Gingivitis causes a lot of pain and irritation to the gums. Some of the other symptoms include swollen, red or bleeding gums and bad breath. 

Gingivitis can be treated by improving oral hygiene. Visit our dental clinic so that the dental hygienist can inspect and remove any plaque that has hardened on the teeth. In severe cases, we will proceed with gum disease treatments to remove the infection.


This is a common dental problem faced by most pre-teens. This affects their dental health and perception of themselves. Yellowish teeth can affect the child’s self-esteem, especially since they are about to enter their teenage years. 

Numerous tooth diseases can cause discoloration. However, improper brushing and inadequate oral hygiene are the most common causes. Make sure that your child is using a good brush and following his or her routine every day and night. 


Pre-teens will have lost most of their milk tooth, making way for the permanent teeth. Parents can consult the orthodontist about braces once the permanent teeth erupt and settle. 

Malocclusions can cause distressing symptoms and hinder your child’s normal functioning. 

We have the best pediatric dentists to ensure that your child gets safe treatment. Some may not be eligible for braces as the teeth may not have grown out yet; in these cases, the dentist will wait and then refer to the right kind of treatment.


This is an unhealthy habit, which develops during the initial years. Most children come out of this phase once the teeth have erupted. However, some children may continue with this habit, and this can cause the enamels to erode. Erosion can then lead to tooth decay or sensitive teeth. Make your child use a night guard while he sleeps. Consult with our dentist for alternative strategies. 

We have one of the best dental clinics in the country. Book an appointment to ensure that your child’s oral hygiene is intact. 

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