5 Foods that Boost Oral Health

May 23, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
5 Foods that Boost Oral Health

5 Foods That Boost Oral Health

Oral health and hygiene is often neglected leading to decay in gums, plaque, tooth cavities and more. While we are aware that chocolates and sweets damage teeth and we need to avoid them, it is also necessary to know about foods that promote oral health. Yes, just like our body needs the right nutrition to grow, our teeth and gums also need some specific foods to grow stronger and be protected.  Along with regular dental care, adding the following superfoods will boost oral health.


Apple is a multipurpose fruit for overall oral health and hygiene. The number of benefits of eating apples for your teeth might just surprise you. Let’s begin with the texture of the fruit. Apple is highly fibrous which helps in exercising your gums and teeth every time you bite and chew on the fruit. This promotes healthy blood flow and reduces bacteria. Apples are also high in vitamins that provide nutrition and keep gums healthy. Another major benefit is the healthy sugar content that helps in balancing oral acids by neutralizing them.

Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach are packed with antioxidants that are vital for fighting against unhealthy bacteria that cause cavities. Celery is also a great food to snack on to give your teeth some much-needed workout. Celery works like a toothbrush and helps clean plaque while the water content gives your mouth a quick rinse.

Dairy products

When we say dairy products, the first thing that pops into your mind is calcium. Milk, cheese, and yogurt are rich sources of calcium that fortify bone. While calcium will help to make your teeth stronger, it also provides protein that protects the enamel covering your teeth.


Munching on nuts like almonds and cashews and will give you your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. This will not only benefit your overall body but also your oral health. Nuts rich in calcium and vitamin D will help in making your teeth stronger while minerals will help in fighting bad bacteria.

Major concerns in oral health are tooth decays and bad bacteria. Tooth decays lead to cavities and bad bacteria cause bad breath. Brushing and flossing everyday is a good habit but dental care also requires more effort. Apart from solid food, drinking water regularly also contributes to oral health. Water not only cleans and flushes out the toxins, it also creates good saliva and the fluorides help in avoiding tooth decays. Another beverage to add to your list is green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and has numerous benefits for healthy gums and teeth. All the above foods taken in appropriate portions can benefit your overall health to a great extent.

The long term advantage of taking efforts for your teeth is no dreaded appointments with your dentist. Just regular visits for cleaning and you will be good to go. Small steps will ultimately ensure you have an infectious and envious smile rather than an infectious tooth.

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