5 Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

August 19, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
5 Misconceptions About Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics in dentistry focuses on correcting the teeth’s positions. Commonly, people who have misaligned and crooked teeth considered orthodontic treatment so that they can have the perfect pearly whites.

However, there are people who are sceptical about getting an orthodontic treatment as there are many common misconceptions regarding this treatment. These common misconceptions often hinder people from seeking professional medical help from dentists in Dubai. Some of the most common misconceptions about orthodontics are:  

Braces are only for kids.

It is true that braces are encouraged to be worn at early stages of childhood so that kids could have aligned teeth as they grow up. However, this doesn’t mean that orthodontic treatment is less effective when done on an adult. While the treatment period would be longer for adults, the outcomes would be just as pleasing and effective.

Braces would hurt too much.

With the recent developments in orthodontics, getting braces can be pain-free while being just as effective. Different types of braces such as clear aligners provide a painless treatment while perfectly working their function to get your perfect smile.

Braces should have immediate results.

The duration of the treatment period depends on the dental condition of each patient. Although it is true that getting braces would give you immediate visible results, it is not as fast as seeing your teeth shift into the correct position as soon as the braces are placed on your teeth. Your dentist would also set realistic expectations for you, as orthodontic treatment is a process. Also, if the patient adheres to the dentist’s instructions, then the treatment period would be shorter.

Braces are a permanent solution.

While getting braces would get you realigned teeth, this is not a permanent fix especially if you fail to take care of your teeth. After braces, dentists also advise their patients to wear retainers to help the teeth stay in place. Regular visits to a dental clinic in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi would also help the results to last for a longer time.

Braces are ineffective.

Braces are effective, and you may want to ask a person who got it done! As long as the patient would cooperate with the dentist and follow the instructions carefully, then the patient will be on their way to having the picture-perfect smile. Some people might also believe that braces are only for aesthetic purposes but getting braces can also give you healthy teeth. It’s also important to ensure that you’re getting your braces done by a professional and certified orthodontist.

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