6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Teeth With Braces

May 13, 2019 - By Bruce Michaelson
6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Teeth With Braces

Everyone must’ve experienced teeth related problems at least once in their lifetime. This is mainly because of the lack of care and attention to your teeth.

It is extremely important to spare some time for your teeth along with your daily routine. And, people with dental braces will need to pay extra attention to their teeth. It might get hard to maintain your oral hygiene with braces but it’s possible.

Let us go through some tips on how to take care of your teeth during your dental braces period:

It can be difficult to reach all the sides of your teeth while brushing because of the braces, but you can use brushes which are specifically made for dental braces, to brush easily without causing any damage to the braces.

You should carefully start brushing your teeth, focussing more on the visible parts of your teeth. Make sure that you don’t brush too hard or fast, as this may cause pain to your gums.

Cleaning Your Braces:
One of the most disturbing and annoying parts of having braces is about all the food that gets caught between the metal wires. It’s almost impossible to get them out if you don’t pay immediate attention to it.

You should make sure you get the debris and plaque out completely as much as possible with the brush. In order to get rid of them, you should clean around the wires and the pins of your dental braces. Also, work all the way around your upper and lower teeth to get a perfectly clean finish.

This is another important task you should add to your daily routine. You have to floss once a day so that you can get all the unwanted food items stuck in between your wires which might be harder to get rid of with the help of a brush.

It is preferable to ask your orthodontist or a dental professional to show you the way to floss. This is because it’s comparatively different when you floss with and without braces. It’s a little more tricky when it comes to flossing with braces.

You can use a flossing product which is specially designed for dental braces and for other orthodontic work.
Yes, rinsing your teeth is a very common tip but many of them fail to do it often and that will lead to permanent colouring or bad breath. So, rinse thoroughly with water and check your teeth every time. This simple tip can help you keep away from plenty of dental problems.

Eat The Right Food:
This is one thing people find hard to keep up with. Food seems more pleasant and tastier when they are restricted for you to have them. And so, people end up indulging in having the food which isn’t recommended to consume when you have braces.

This results in a lot of problems for your braces, which might make them come off, break, or the wires to come off loose. So make sure you stick to the food which is chewable and soft at least during the first few weeks after you get your braces.

Professional Care:
Though these are some of the tips which are simple enough for you to care of by yourself, there are some things only an orthodontist can help in. You should make sure you pay your orthodontist regular visits to ensure that your braces are intact and for re-wiring or tightening them if it is required.

If you’re a subject to dental braces, make sure you follow these tips to maintain your oral hygiene well. And if you’re in need of a dental check-up, call us today!

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