6 Ways In Which You Can Improve The Health Of Your Gums

June 16, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
6 Ways In Which You Can Improve The Health Of Your Gums

Your gums are the fundamental tissue within which your teeth are embedded for optimal support and nutrient uptake. As the gums surround nearly 50% of your tooth’s surface, maintaining their condition and health is critical for your overall oral health and wellness. To improve your gums’ current state, you can adopt certain practices in case of gum treatment, all of which are mentioned below for your benefit.

 1. Floss As You Brush

Flossing your teeth is generally considered a practice wherein the gaps between your teeth are targeted to remove any debris. This practice is not just limited to improving gum health. Still, it goes beyond the removal of food particles, as it can also help clean your teeth and eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth. As the small slivers of space between your teeth can house bacteria, given the limitations of just brushing the teeth, flossing can stop the spread of the germs from spreading onto the gums.

If bacteria festers in this oral tissue, it can lead to gingivitis, amongst many other complications that can adversely affect the health and support of your teeth. To avoid these consequences, a daily practice of flossing after brushing them must be followed for the best oral health.

2. Keep The Regimen Consistent

Keeping the regimen consistent includes brushing your teeth twice a day following a floss to avoid plaque and tartar build-up. You can also use a mouthwash to thoroughly rinse your mouth and remove any germs that might have entered the buccal cavity through your food. Using a tongue cleaner to keep the surface refreshed is also a sound idea to keep every area of the mouth clean and free of bacteria and avoid unnecessary trips to a dental clinic.

3. Addressing Holistic Oral Health

Oral health maintenance involves many aspects beginning from having any issues identified and corrected as soon as possible. Following the general guidelines recommended by a dentist is the best course of action to continue to ensure good gum health. This is not restricted to limiting injuries and habits that can impact your gums but also applies to your teeth, tongue, and overall environment in the oral cavity.

4. Schedule Your Visits

Creating time for appointments with your dentist is an absolute necessity as your visit can reveal a lot about your oral health. Your periodontist can help identify any underlying problems your teeth and gums are experiencing and immediately treat them. Any unusual activity in your oral cavity can also be determined, and a treatment plan can be created to have it countered as soon as possible for the best results. If experiencing gum issues, seeking professional gum treatment at a reputable dental clinic in Dubai is essential for addressing underlying issues and restoring gum health promptly.

5. Choose Healthy & Nutritious Food

Your food can also affect your gum health, as a continuous provision of nutrients is essential to keep the tissues healthy and alive. Eating foods rich in calcium can help you keep your teeth strong, and optimum amounts of iron can help your gums stay healthy. Consuming foods and drinks that are not high in sugar or acids is particularly important. These can provide fuel for the bacteria to grow in number and cause unwanted complications.

6. Reconsider Habits

If you are a chain smoker, gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke, if not stopping it altogether, is necessary for improving gum health. This habit must be reconsidered as your oral health is adversely affected by the smoke that discolours your teeth and creates acidic conditions in your mouth. Smoking can also lead to other complications, such as a quicker build-up of plaque tartar and increases in the chances of cancer.

Prioritizing gum health is vital for overall oral well-being, as healthy gums serve as the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Individuals can take proactive steps towards maintaining optimal oral hygiene and preventing gum disease by implementing the suggested ways to improve gum health. Whether through regular brushing and flossing, incorporating healthy dietary habits, or seeking professional gum treatment when needed, individuals can significantly enhance their gum health and contribute to their overall dental wellness. Consulting with the best orthodontist in Dubai or visiting a reputable dental clinic in Dubai for regular check-ups and professional guidance can further support ongoing efforts to achieve and maintain healthy gums for a lifetime.

FAQs: Ways to Improve Gum Health

How to know your gums are healthy?

Healthy gums exhibit several key characteristics. Firstly, they should appear pink and firm, with a consistent texture across all areas. Bleeding gums, especially during brushing or flossing, are often a sign of gum disease and should be addressed promptly. Additionally, healthy gums typically do not recede or pull away from the teeth, and there should be no signs of inflammation or swelling. Regular dental check-ups with the best orthodontist in Dubai can help improve teeth and gum health issues early on.

How to improve gum health quickly?

Improving gum health requires consistent oral hygiene practices and lifestyle changes. One effective way to enhance gum health quickly is to establish a thorough oral care routine, including brushing teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily to remove plaque and debris between teeth. Additionally, incorporating antimicrobial mouthwash into the routine can help reduce bacteria that contribute to gum disease. Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while limiting sugary and acidic foods can also support gum health.

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