All On Four Treatment: An Innovative Replacement Of Dentures

July 2, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
All On Four Treatment: An Innovative Replacement Of Dentures

When you start your day with a smile, everything else will follow through. A confident smile can take you to places and can even be a contributing factor to success. Several studies have shown how a confident smile enables individuals to communicate clearly and engage with others more effectively. When individuals are not confident in their smiles, they’re less likely to communicate effectively with others. 

Fortunately, having a good set of teeth is not an impossible feat. Several dental procedures such as orthodontic treatment or restorative and cosmetic dentistry are available for anyone who wants to gain confidence in their smiles. All on four implant procedure is a popular treatment for patients who are looking for a complete dental restoration that’s fast and has immediate results. 

What is All On Four Procedure?

As the name suggests, this dental procedure involves the placement of 4 dental implants on the upper and lower jaw. These implants act as anchors where a full set of dentures are placed. The all on four treatment is considered as a prosthodontic procedure-meaning it replaces missing teeth with prosthetics often ceramic or plastic. This procedure is ideal for patients who have experienced total teeth loss, decay, and damage because of severe gum disease. 

The dental implants which are made of titanium effectively integrate with the existing jaw bone, further strengthening it. Osseointegration of the fusion of the dental implant into the jaw bone ensures a strong foundation for your new teeth that lasts a lifetime. 

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

The all on four procedure does not take a lot of time. Everything can be done in one session that lasts 2.5 hours for each arch making it a 5-hour procedure. However, the specialist needs to evaluate a patient’s condition if the treatment should be done on both the upper and lower jaw. Usually, the implants can either be placed at the bottom or at the upper jaw. After the procedure, the patient is given a temporary arch until the mouth fully heals- only then can the permanent ones be installed.  It is worth noting that Several clinical outcomes revealed that the success rate of all on four procedure is 99 percent. 


Dental implants are intended to look and feel like regular teeth. Hence, proper oral hygiene needs to be practiced to ensure that your teeth remain to be healthy. Avoid foods that can stain or damage your new set of teeth. When brushing your teeth, hygienists recommend using soft-bristle brushes. Brushing in gentle circular motions is the best way to ensure that you are thoroughly cleaning your all on fours implants. 

Our dental team at the American Dental clinic can provide the right aftercare support for all on four procedures. A regular checkup is still necessary. 

Am I An Ideal Candidate For The All On Four Procedure?

In general, anyone whose jawbone structure is sufficient and whose gum tissues are healthy can go through with the procedure. If you are suffering my significant tooth loss and wants to restore a full smile, you can book a consultation with one of our expert periodontists at the American Dental clinic today. 

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