All the Aftercare Information That You Need Following A Root Canal Treatment

May 19, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
All the Aftercare Information That You Need Following A Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment or more commonly known as root canal is a dental procedure for treating an inflamed root under a tooth. In other words, when tissues under a tooth get infected due to a bacterial infection,, a root canal treatment is needed to clean the infected area and cement it with composite material to repair the damage.

Root canal is done before placing the permanent crown to completely restore the teeth. Hence, there will be a gap between your consultation and final appointment with your dentist. Once you are home after the root canal treatment, the treatment may cause tooth sensitivity for a few days. This usually depends on the damage and the extent of the procedure. Although the tooth will naturally recover in a matter of days, there are a few steps to be taken for extra care post-treatment.

Take Prescribed Medication

Root canal is an invasive treatment and requires anesthesia to numb the infected area. Once the numbness wears off, the patient might face slight discomfort. To avoid this, it is generally recommended to take local painkillers or pain-relievers as prescribed by your dentist.

Avoid Solid Food

Since the patient just underwent the procedure, it is best advised to avoid chewing solid food using the treated tooth until full recovery. Use the other side of your mouth to eat comfortably. This also includes avoiding beverages that are hot or frozen that may cause sensitivity and sticky food that could affect the treated teeth.

Avoid Alcohol  

Strictly avoid consuming alcohol during the recovery phase, as the medication could react with the alcohol and cause further complications.

Do Salt Water Rinses

Practice regular rinses to flush out any food particles that can cause harm. Warm water rinses with salt are great for subsiding pain or swelling if any.

Soothe the Pain

Use Ice Pack If it feels slightly painful post-treatment due to swelling, place ice packs on that side of the face to get temporary relief.

Rest Well

Remember your body and mind needs rest. Hence, to fasten the healing process, avoid any type of physical activity that can cause strain and rest well. Use pillows to keep your head slightly elevated while sleeping. 

Apart from the above it is also necessary to carry out your hygiene routine like flossing and brushing, but avoid being rough around the treated tooth. Meanwhile, it is also advised to keep an eye on the temporary crown for dislocation or sharp pains. Dull aches and discomfort are common, however, if you notice anything unusual contact or visit your dentist immediately.

Root canal treatments and crown insertions may sound like a tedious process, but it is best to get it done as soon you find out about your damaged tooth. It can be risky to keep deep cavities untreated as it can do more harm if neglected for a long time.

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