Back To School With Orthodontics

July 25, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Back To School With Orthodontics

Your child’s back to school list has its usual pencils, books, lunchbox and new jacket ticked. How about a visit to the orthodontist, particularly if your child is around seven years of age?

Your child doesn’t necessarily need to have a dental issue for you to consider taking them to a dentist in Dubai. Your child will benefit from a checkup with an orthodontist if they are around the age of seven. Even if there are no early bite issues visible, a paediatric orthodontist is trained to detect subtle issues that might be missed by a general dentist. They have the skill and knowledge to identify issues with emerging teeth and jaw growth and address them early by taking preventive measures.

By the time your child turns seven they will have a few adult teeth mixed with their baby teeth. A paediatric orthodontist can look at your child’s adult teeth to determine whether it can result in crooked, overcrowding or protruding teeth. It will also be easier and more effective to address these issues before they turn into bigger dental problems later in the future.

Unaddressed alignment and bite problems can affect the way your child eats and speaks and can cause discomfort in their social and academic lives. Children can suffer from low self-esteem if they experience dental issues that are visible and giving them an opportunity for a confident and healthy smile will minimize the requirement for orthodontic treatment in the future.

Misalignment and bite issues are common amongst children and overcrowding can lead to braces. Early orthodontic treatment in Dubai can reduce the need for complex treatment when they are older.

If your child has not given up sucking their thumb, it can lead to dental problems. Occasionally sucking their thumb will not cause permanent damage, however, if your child does it constantly then you have a problem on your hands. Taking your child to visit an orthodontist can help because they can be advised on how to give up harmful habits.

Although your baby may have a straight smile, their adult teeth can turn out to be crooked. Your child might get teased at school. Additionally, misaligned teeth can develop gum disease and cavities, and taking care of them is difficult. While these are alignment issues a consultation with your orthodontist will put your child on the right track in terms of their dental health.

When visit your paediatric orthodontist, it’s good to remember that early orthodontic treatment can help with correcting harmful oral habits, enabling correct chewing, biting, guiding teeth into the correct position, guiding the growth of the jaw bone and improving your child’s facial appearance.

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