Bad Breath? 3 Fantastic Home Remedies That Can Help

March 7, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Bad Breath? 3 Fantastic Home Remedies That Can Help

Did you know that bad breath (also known as ‘halitosis’) is just as common as tooth decay and cardiovascular disease? In fact, it’s become somewhat of an epidemic. Despite dentists in Dubai re-iterating the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene to ensure that cavities and gum disease stay at bay, people don’t seem to be taking it very seriously. This lack of attention to dental care is what mainly contributes to bad breath. You probably wouldn’t enjoy talking to someone who reeks in your face so why should you assume that you’re any different? For some it’s a problem of laziness whilst for others it’s a deeper medical condition. If the latter is what’s affecting you then you need to get professional help immediately as it could mean even worse issues lurking around. The former means you just need to pull yourself together.

In either case if you’re more of a homeopathic person and prefer treatments the natural way, then these home remedies to fight bad breath are right up your alley.


  1. WATER: There is a reason that over 70% of our planet consists of water. Aside from being the whole reason we’re alive, it is so useful in so many ways and fighting bad breath is one of them. Any dentist in Dubai will tell you that you need to not only drink water, but gargle and rinse your mouth out after meals. It helps dislodge the little bits of food that are stuck in-between your teeth and you might not be able to brush them out right away. To prevent them from rotting within the crevices, use water. It also keeps your mouth hydrated and healthy overall. So drink up!


  1. CHEW GREEN: The ‘green’ here could be easily misconstrued, but just to set the record straight it includes powerful green herbs and vegetables such as cilantro, parsley and mint. Mint in particular is known for its bad-breath fighting properties as it disinfects and refreshes. They are in particular great for those who may have had dental implants in Dubai done as they’re more prone to bacterial infections and thus need to keep their mouths minty fresh at all times. These are also widely available at your local supermarket so go grab a few sprigs pronto.


  1. SPICES: We know how good they make food taste… that is until we accidentally bite into one and feel like exploding. However, they do make your mouth feel quite fresh and nice which is the powers of spices. They are loaded with antiseptic properties that help in killing bacteria and stimulate your glands preventing bad breath. Try cloves or aniseed. Cloves in fact have been used for centuries in ayurvedic medicines and has been a key ingredient in medieval times when toothpaste was not really an option. Whether you’ve got veneers in Dubai or your natural teeth, they’re good for both.


These are just some of the most common and most effective method of fighting bad breath although it depends on what your situation is. If you have a much more serious underlying condition, then they may not work until you seek professional help. Regardless, you should consider keeping a stock of these in your kitchen at all times.

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