Best TMJ Exercises for Pain Relief

January 21, 2023 - By Bruce Michaelson
Best TMJ Exercises for Pain Relief

Disorder of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) can be pretty uncomfortable. The good news is that you can perform various exercises at home or the office to strengthen your jaw and ease soreness at home before you visit your American dental clinic in Dubai

Understanding TMJ

Even though you may not give much thought to your temporomandibular joints (TMJ), you use them frequently. Your jawbone is connected to your head by joints. Each time you speak, chew, and swallow your TMJ moves. TMJ issues happen when your jaw joints and muscles aren’t working correctly. This frequently occurs due to an injury to the jaw, inflammation from conditions like arthritis, or overuse.

TMJ issues can result in a range of minor to severe symptoms, including

– Difficulty chewing
– Discomfort in the neck, face, jaw, and ears
– Popping, clicking, or grating sensations in the jaw as you open or close it
– The jaw joint locking
– Headaches

TMJ Exercises

Exercise in the area may not be beneficial if you are currently experiencing pain and discomfort from a TMJ issue. Once the initial hurt has faded, do TMJ strengthening exercises to help prevent pain from coming back. In addition, try calming techniques and moderate stretching to reduce the pain after which you can pay a visit to your dentist in Dubai.

Relaxed Jaw

Just behind your front teeth, press your tongue toward the roof of your mouth. Your mouth should be slightly open as your jaw should naturally drop. Keep holding until your muscles are at ease.

Tongue-Up Exercise

Slowly open and close your jaw numerous times while keeping your tongue firmly on the roof of your mouth.

Resisted Mouth Opening

Try to open your jaw by placing your thumb under your chin and pressing upward. After 3 to 6 seconds of maintaining resistance, progressively close your jaw.

Resisted Mouth Closing

Put both index fingers between your chin and bottom lip, then place both thumbs on the chin’s bottom. Try to close your jaw while keeping your mouth open while exerting resistance with your hands. Hold for three to six seconds, then slowly open your mouth.

Goldfish Exercises

Put pressure on the TMJ on one side with your index finger. Next, put light pressure with your other index finger on your chin. Open and close your jaw six times while keeping your tongue on the roof of your mouth. Try to perform this workout daily for six sets. Alternately, gently press both temporomandibular joints with the index fingers.

Chin Tucks

Pull your chin into the back of your throat while bringing your chest forward and shoulders back. Hold this position for three seconds, then ten times.

Lateral Jaw Movement

Put something 1/4 inch thick, such as a popsicle stick, in the gap between your front teeth. Repeatedly shift your jaw slowly left and right. Increase the object’s thickness between your teeth as the practice gets more accessible.

Forward Jaw Movement

Place an object which is 1/4 inch thick in between your front teeth. Move your jaw slowly back and forth until your bottom teeth are visible above your top teeth. Increase the object’s thickness between your teeth as the practice gets more accessible.

Let Your Dentist Help

It’s always preferable to see your dentist in Abu Dhabi for an accurate diagnosis if you think you might have TMJ. A dentist can assess the seriousness of your issue and suggest the best courses of action for treatment.

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