Braces For Children: Discover The Common Problems That Can Be Corrected

March 15, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson

Most parents pay less attention to their children’s baby teeth as they fall out eventually. However, this needs to be avoided as it is crucial to pay attention to primary teeth with their significant effect on the permanent teeth. Due to this, dentists often recommend visiting a dental clinic before the child’s first birthday. Early diagnosis and treatment of dental problems result in a healthy set of secondary teeth. Orthodontic treatments such as braces are used to correct common dental issues seen in children. These generally arise due to genetic or habitual factors. This article will look into these problems and how they can be treated with braces.

Why Do Kids Need Braces?

Kids may require braces for several dental problems like bite issues, crooked, or overlapping teeth conditions. Regular visits to the dental clinic will help detect problems earlier and start treatments at the right time, making the period much shorter.

Early checkups will help the orthodontists to evaluate the problem and decide the best time to treat the condition. The braces may start immediately or later, depending on the state of your child’s teeth.

Braces For Common Orthodontic Problems.

Once you visit our dental clinic, your orthodontist will identify the problems in your child’s teeth and suggest braces if necessary. Below are a few common orthodontic issues that require braces to correct children’s teeth.

Jaw Misalignments  – When the upper and lower jaws are not entirely in contact or are skewed on the side, damages to the teeth, tongue, and lips can arise. This condition can be treated with braces and positioning the jaw in the correct stages.

Spaced Teeth – Unevenly spaced teeth can form gaps or crowded teeth leading to a severe problem later. This can be commonly seen with the evolution of permanent teeth, pushing the primary ones to get space for the eruption. The malocclusion needs to be treated by removing extra teeth and applying braces.

Effects From Thumb Sucking  – Although thumb sucking is common in children, prolonged actions can lead to teeth problems. Children with prolonged thumb sucking can get their front teeth to protrude outwards and require braces to shift them back to the position.

Bite Issues – Deep bite, overbite, underbite, and crossbite are a few conditions that require early treatment to bring the teeth back to their position. Correcting bite issues can benefit your child with proper bite patterns, improving digestion, and avoid jaw problems that are caused due to excessive pressure.

Once you have discovered the problems in your child’s teeth, you can ask for early orthodontic help to ensure your child will get a healthy set of permanent teeth eventually. Your family dentist will suggest the best time and the braces procedure that your child requires. You can choose from metal, ceramic, lingual, or Invisalign braces depending on the budget and the severity of your child’s oral condition. 

If you are looking for the best orthodontic care for your child, visit our children’s dentistry department at American Dental Clinic to obtain top-notch services from highly skilled professionals.

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