Can teenagers receive veneers treatment?

April 28, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
Can teenagers receive veneers treatment?

Porcelain veneers are extremely thin porcelain shells that are used as protective laminates on teeth to protect them and give them a healthier, whiter appearance. While this is a treatment popular with adults, it may be a viable solution for teenagers as well. Teenagers have different needs when it comes to dental hygiene compared to adults. Let’s face it, teenagers are not particularly good at staying away from snacks and beverages that stain their teeth. Porcelain veneers Dubai, are a great option for teens with discolored teeth, damaged teeth, chipped teeth, front facing teeth, teeth with gaps and teeth with small fractures or cavities. Veneers will protect their teeth in the long run as they get older, keeping them stain-free and free from teeth decay.

Since teenagers hate going to the dentist for regular dental cleaning but want beautiful white teeth at the same time, porcelain veneers may be the perfect solution for them. Veneers are best suited for teenagers 16 and older as veneers can disrupt teeth growth on younger individuals. For teenagers younger than 16, Prepless Veneers may be the best option for them. Prepless Veneers are basically veneers without the metal frames which are drilled onto the jawbone.

Many people say that there is no age limit when it comes to veneers. Technically this is true but dentists in Dubai believe that this could hinder teeth growth and recommends 16 as a safe age for teenagers to get veneers. Keep in mind that veneers will need to be replaced after they turn 18 and again when they are about 20 or 21.

Getting veneers put on will require multiple visits to the dentist. First of all, dentists will thoroughly examine the teeth with x-rays to determine if veneers are an appropriate solution. Teens with gum diseases, decayed teeth and teeth lacking surface enamel cannot get veneers and need to find alternatives. Veneers in Dubai will be custom made according to the shape of the teeth. Porcelain veneers will never get discolored as they are stain resistant. They can fix misaligned teeth and help protect teeth from excessive fluoride and erosive components in food and drinks.

There are some minor drawbacks to getting porcelain veneers as they are usually not fixable once they get damaged or cracked. If they get damaged, they will have to be replaced. Teenagers who habitually grind their teeth and bite their nails will have a hard time maintaining their veneers as the constant pressure may cause the veneers to become dislodged over time.
Porcelain veneers are stain resistant but it is best to avoid stain-causing foods and beverages (especially cola, coffee, and wine). Flossing your teeth and using an antiseptic mouthwash regularly will keep both your porcelain veneers and teeth clean.

On adults, porcelain veneers can last roughly 5 – 10 years, for teenagers veneers will need to be replaced as they get older until they are about 22, afterwards, they can keep their veneers for as long as they want until they feel the need to get new veneers. Regular visits to a dentist are highly recommended.

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