Choosing Implants To Create A Beautiful Smile

February 1, 2018 - By Bruce Michaelson
Choosing Implants To Create A Beautiful Smile

If you have a missing tooth, you you will always feel anxious and slightly embarrassed about the gaps. Your appearance will alter particularly if the lost tooth is one of the six teeth in front. Fortunately, there are effective dental treatment methods for missing teeth, one of them being dental implants in Dubai.

Let’s talk about dental implants. Dental implants are metal screws made of titanium which are screwed to your jawbone to replace the missing tooth. The implant will integrate to the jawbone naturally and become a part of the root system. A bridge or an artificial tooth can be placed over it. Crowns for the dental implant are custom-made to match the colour of your existing teeth. Implants are known to blend perfectly with natural teeth and act and feel exactly the same.

Once the new tooth has been fixed to the implant the procedure is complete. The implant will  mesh with the jawbone and blood vessels. You can treat an implant similarly as you would your natural teeth. Of course you cannot forget about them completely, you will still need to brush and floss your implant as much as do your real teeth. With regular dental checkups and proper dental hygiene, implants can last a lifetime. They are a long term solution to replace missing teeth and enhance your physical appearance.

It is a small and non-invasive procedure. There is no pain involved in implant treatment and with a highly qualified dental surgeon you are in safe hands. It is also a treatment that is very popular amongst celebrities and stars looking to cover gaps and create a beautiful smile.
And as much as dental implants in Dubai are functional, they are also an aesthetic benefit. You can expect the implant to cover gaps and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. The first thing you notice about a person is their smile, and a gappy smile is unattractive. It will not do your face any favours. A perfectly aligned smile with all its teeth in place will give it a more attractive appearance. And you can finally be happy with your natural and beautiful smile.
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