Common Causes of Tooth & Gum Pain in Children

January 14, 2023 - By Bruce Michaelson
Common Causes of Tooth & Gum Pain in Children

There are many reasons why kids have toothaches, and as parents, our first instinct is to figure out what those reasons are so we can find ways to relieve them from it.

Approximately 520 million children suffer from cavities in their permanent teeth. Although these are frequent reasons for children’s dental discomfort, they are not the only ones. Many simple reasons cause toothaches to worsen when they are left untreated. But how do you determine the right reasons and those that require visiting your dentist in Abu Dhabi?

What Are The Common Causes Of Toothache In Children?

Tooth Decay

In young children, a small cavity or early dental decay may not cause much pain. But if the cavity of the hole in their teeth is left untreated, it will grow larger and eventually get to the tooth’s nerve, which is one of the main reasons kids experience excruciating dental pain. Typically, children are awakened from sleep by throbbing, persistent, and severe tooth nerve pain. Children frequently complain of tooth pain at night since a large cavity can also generate a sharp pain that worsens when lying down.

Teeth Grinding or Clenching

The cause of your child’s morning sore jaw and multiple toothaches could be bruxism, the medical term for teeth grinding or clenching. This type of pain is caused by grinding because it puts pressure on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), jaw, and teeth. Additionally, it can cause the enamel to erode, exposing the sensitive dentin underneath and making teeth more sensitive.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess may cause your child excruciating tooth pain and the little, pus-filled pimple on their gums. The bacterial infection brought on by untreated decay or an accident leads to an abscess. The jaw, neck, or ear may experience intermittent, throbbing, or persistent pain. Children also tend to experience fever, bad breath, an unpleasant aftertaste, shiny, swollen gums, and facial puffiness.

Gum Disease

Scheduling regular appointments with pediatric dental clinics in Dubai can help with the early diagnosis of gum diseases in kids. Children may have toothaches even though the problem begins in the gums. When the tissue in the gum swells, it can harm children’s jaws and teeth, leading to weakened bones and discomfort.

Aggressive Brushing

Although you wouldn’t consider brushing your teeth as one of the causes of toothache, it is possible to some extent. Children who brush their teeth too vigorously or frequently risk wearing down the enamel that protects them. In the process, they could unintentionally Scarpe the gums, causing them to bleed. Hard toothbrush bristles can also wear down the tooth enamel and increase sensitivity.

Even while tooth pain in children is not necessarily a dental emergency, it should usually be Addressed by the best pediatric dentist in Dubai when possible. Please keep your child at ease until they can be examined, but be sure to make an appointment first. Likewise, if your child’s toothache isn’t improving, contact us for an appointment.

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