Common Dental Health Myths You Have To Dismiss

January 7, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson

Numerous myths revolve around dental health. While some are harmless, others can be severely detrimental, resulting in expensive treatments to restore tooth function and, at worst, tooth loss. To avoid such complications, it is necessary that you know which facts or statements you may have come across regarding oral health are false. This article explores the most common misconceptions. 


White teeth are the most healthy.

While many people undergo tooth whitening treatments to remove yellowness or staining, this is primarily for aesthetic reasons. Although many regard white teeth as a sign of excellent dental health, our dentists in Abu Dhabi state no evidence supports this claim. The natural colour of teeth varies across individuals, with most having some degree of yellowness. It is normal and not a cause for concern. Whether a person has good dental health is decided based on indicators like cavities, bad breath and tartar, not the teeth colour.


If a toothache stops, there is no reason to worry.

This is a widely prevalent misconception that can severely affect the health of your tooth. Toothaches are a sign that the nerves of your tooth have either become exposed or are in contact with a foreign object. They are an indication that there may be a problem and that there’s an urgent need to visit the dentist. However, if they stop without any medical intervention, it is not due to the issue disappearing but rather a possibility of nerve damage. If the nerve is damaged or dead, it can no longer respond; hence, you will not feel pain. Then it is even more crucial to visit our dental clinic in Abu Dhabi, as a dead or decaying tooth can severely affect healthy ones nearby. 


Baby teeth are unimportant.

Baby teeth erupt first in a child’s mouth, and these gradually fall and make way for permanent teeth. A common myth is that many people believe they are not necessary as they are temporary. However, this is not factually accurate. Although they are present for a short period, their presence is essential for the healthy development of teeth. They create the space for permanent teeth to come in so when they are prematurely removed, the teeth can shift around. This causes issues such as crookedness and overlapping, which can significantly affect the appearance of their teeth. To correct the alignment problems, your children will need braces or aligners that can be uncomfortable. Appropriate actions need to be taken to protect and maintain baby teeth, such as daily brushing and flossing. Children should also not consume excessive sugar to stop the development of cavities. 

Dental health is based on several factors. To ensure your teeth’ condition is excellent, it is best to visit a dentist and examine them. If there are any concerns, they will provide you with the correct treatment and advice to improve your dental health. Refrain from listening to information not backed by science as your health can be compromised. To speak to our dentist, contact us at American Dental Clinic.

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