Dental 101: Teeth Whitening Myths You Should Stay Away From

August 5, 2019 - By Bruce Michaelson

Your smile is the best accessory you will ever wear. A smile can bring a lot of positivity to your life. You will not only be feeling good throughout the day, but you can also share your positive energy with the people around you. Each smile is unique and yours is special too. Having pearly white teeth can no doubt give you the perfect smile and the confidence you need. You try your best to maintain that white smile of yours but there might be things you do than can cause more harm than good. Read on as we bust popular teeth whitening myths and give you the best teeth whitening in Dubai.


Myth 1: Rubbing your teeth with fresh fruit can whiten your teeth

While eating fruits can give you the vitamins and minerals you need to make your teeth stronger, rubbing fresh fruit against your teeth will damage the enamel that protects it from cavities and tooth decay. The citric acid found in certain fruits like strawberries and pineapple is caustic- meaning it may cause erosion of the enamel on your teeth when combined with food particles that are abrasive. 


Myth 2: A Stronger whitening agent, guarantees a whiter teeth

Every set of teeth is unique in its way. There are several teeth whitening products having varying effects depending on whether you have sensitive teeth or not. Stronger whitening agents will not work for certain individuals and may even damage the gums and tissues in the mouth. Consulting with a dentist is important to get advice on the best teeth whitening treatment that is right for you.


Myth 3: UV Light is an efficient and safe way to whiten your teeth

There is a lot of debate on how and why UV light aids in teeth whitening treatment. Despite this, dentists in Dubai agree that this is not always the case. The UV light is used as a catalyst for the hydrogen peroxide used in teeth whitening procedures; which theoretically, speeds up the whitening process on your teeth. Incorrect use of UV light, such as too much exposure or misplacement of the light source can not only cause serious damage in your mouth but to your overall health as well. There are risks in using UV light, but if your keen on undergoing the with the process, you can consult our dentists who are properly- trained in handling UV light.


Myth 4: Homemade and DIY teeth whitening products are risk-free

There are plenty of whitening agents you can purchase over the counter. And teeth whitening DIYs are accessible throughout the internet. People often believe that herbal or chemical-free, and homemade is synonymous with risk-free. Like any other product we use, there is always the risk of side-effects and getting allergies. Some people even go as far as concocting their solution by mixing different products. This is dangerous as certain chemicals react to each other. The best teeth whitening treatment is always the one that is tailored specifically for your needs.


Your teeth deserve better treatment. Talking to an expert; whether its teeth whitening or cleaning, is essential before taking further steps in improving your smile. You can consult with our team to better understand the best teeth whitening treatment for you.


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