A Dental Implant May Be The Solution You’ve Long Been Looking For

September 8, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
A Dental Implant May Be The Solution You’ve Long Been Looking For

If you have lost part of the outer layer of one of your teeth, the easiest solution will be to get a tooth fill. If the condition is a little more severe, a tooth veneer attached to the remaining part of your teeth will do the trick. However, if you completely lose a tooth, or irreparably break a part of it, there is not much of an option, other than to get a dental implant. We, at the American Dental Clinic, Dubai, offer dental implants at a very reasonable price, guided by our professional team of dentists.

To elaborate in simple terms, during a dental implant, your dentist fixes a metal post on your jawbone, under the tooth gum, to support the tooth parts that will be attached to it. This is the state-of-the-art substitute to dental bridges and dentures, in which case the replaced teeth will not function as effectively as natural teeth. These traditional treatments could result in crooked and loose-hanging teeth, and you will consequently have a sordid-looking smile. But not anymore, with dental implants performed by our dentists, with the years of professionalism and expertise that they bring to the American Dental Clinic.

Dentists around the world often perform two kinds of dental implants, both of which we are happy to offer at our dental clinic. These two types are clinically referred to as endosteal and subperiosteal dental implants, depending on how the metal tooth root is placed in your gum. Both these implants are guaranteed to offer a lasting solution to the stress you have to put up with every day due to your missing teeth, which no longer has to be a constant pain behind your neck.

Once you get your implant perfectly done, your teeth will look healthier and your smile will gleam better. Furthermore, the implants will make it easier once again to chew your food and more, you will no longer have to be extra-careful of accidentally hitting your gums while brushing your teeth. Imagine for yourself how your confidence will once again grow overnight, once you have your missing teeth substituted for by dental implants. And it will also improve the convenience of your day to day activities, by reducing stress and low self-esteem. What better way is there to battle your anxiety than gain a perfect set of teeth!

However, if you are to receive an implant, you need to have strong teeth gum and sufficient jawbones to hold the metal post. Our dentists will make sure that you possess these require, nets before proceeding with the implants surgery, for your own convenience and safety. Once the implants are done, you would not have to worry about their durability as they would last long, persisting against any unserious physical accidents, just like your natural teeth. Discover the magic yourself, by visiting our clinic without waiting any longer!

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