Dental Implants, Everything You Need To Know About This Treatment

July 16, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Dental Implants, Everything You Need To Know About This Treatment

If your dentist in Dubai has recommended dental implants as a restorative procedure to missing and deteriorated teeth, and if you are not fully aware of the procedure or what it entails, we will discuss dental implants thoroughly, so you can go for treatment with peace of mind.


Dental implants are truly like your natural teeth

It is the next best thing. Dental implants are strong and stable and restore lost or missing teeth. They fit, feel and function in the exact same way. They do not interfere with smiling, speaking, eating and everyday activities in your life.


They are long lasting and cost effective

Dental implants in Dubai are an effective, long term solution to restoring teeth back to its former glory. Traditional dental treatment methods may last between 5 and 7 years, and for some up to 10 years if taken care of properly. However, they will need to be replaced. Dental implants need periodic adjustments, if any. They are usually made to last a lifetime.


You can enjoy life and not worry about your teeth

Dental implants let you join in on all the fun. Gone are the days of feeling embarrassed or self conscious due to missing teeth. You also don’t need to worry about replacement teeth like dentures falling or slipping out during mealtime. Dental implants in Dubai are fixed to your teeth that will stay on permanently. You can eat, speak, laugh and indulge in every little bit of fun you like.


Dental implants retain the natural face shape and smile

Missing teeth can make your face sag and appear sunken. With dental implants you are allowed to maintain its natural shape and smile. And this is what most patients want. In fact, implants may enhance your smile to give it a more attractive appearance.


It protects the healthy bone

If there are gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth, it can lead to more serious health issues such as loss of jawbone. The jawbone can lose its natural function when it is not supporting your natural teeth. The one dental restoration option to strengthen your jawbone is dental implants.


You can eat whatever you like

Dental implants let you enjoy your favourite foods, which sound great. You can taste, munch and crunch any food you like without hesitation. You can bite and eat naturally without worrying about the implants breaking or slipping off. They are not uncomfortable, unlike removable dentures, so you can taste your food to its full extent.


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