Why Dental Implants Are Not Just A Simple Cosmetic Procedure?

November 7, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
Why Dental Implants Are Not Just A Simple Cosmetic Procedure?

Dental implants are anchored to the jaw, making it seem like your natural teeth are in place. They are artificial but display a natural look that no one looking at you would ever guess you have got dental implants. There are countless benefits to getting dental implants, and it is not just limited to being a cosmetic procedure.

Dental implants unlike dentures cannot be removed. Implants can be easily cleaned and maintained making them more hygienic than dentures. And you can easily brush and floss your teeth very much like caring for your natural teeth. Other dental solutions like dentures require a more thorough cleaning process and can be difficult to maintain. If not cleaned properly it can even lead to forming bacteria.

If you have missing teeth it can result in a nutritional deficiency. Because eating properly is not possible with missing teeth. For example, eating raw vegetables and nuts can be difficult. This leads to people with missing teeth regularly munching on soft foods like cookies and ice cream. As much as these foods contain nutrients the downside to it is that also contains a lot of sugar, causing diabetes. Dental implants are very similar to natural teeth and will allow you eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

Just because you have a missing tooth it doesn’t mean you need to lose any more. It is imperative you keep the rest of your teeth in good health. When there are gaps in your smile it is harder to keep clean and maintain. Dental implants close these gaps making it easier to brush and floss pretty much like regular teeth. Dental implants also keep your natural teeth in place, without shifting due to gaps preventing alignment and bite problems.

When you have missing teeth, you will notice a more sunken look around your face. This is because the density starts reducing. When you have reduced jaw density it leaves you vulnerable to a host of health problems including infections. You can protect bone tissue through dental implants. This will preserve your facial structure.

The overall quality of life improves with dental implants. For example, osteoporosis is known to affect women and men due to loss of bone material. Osteoporosis is detected in the jaw if your jaw is not firm and taut. Missing teeth leads to a sunken jaw and wrinkled skin around the mouth. Osteoporosis can be prevented if you have a firm jaw in place. It is imperative you have all your teeth in tact, which allows you to chew better leading to a stronger jaw. Dental implants are not a cosmetic procedure to transform your smile, it also gives you a better quality of life as it slows down the process of bone loss, and even stops it in certain circumstances.

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