Dental Misconceptions you may still be following

May 27, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
Dental Misconceptions you may still be following

Misconceptions and false facts not only inhibit individuals from following guidelines that are beneficial for them, but rather enable them to confidently pursue those habits that are actually damaging. Imagine reading somewhere that a protein bar loaded with sugar will help you reduce weight. So you blindly start eating it day and night. This will not only serve to prevent you from eating something that’ll actually help you lose weight, but may just make you gain even more fat in the process – Increasing the negative effect by two folds.
In the dental world there are many myths and misconceptions floating around. Among the popular ones include:

Cavities are only caused by Sugar

Increased consumption of sugar is undoubtedly a prime cause of cavities. But surely it is not the only cause. Cavities occur when bacterium in the mouth feeds on different carbohydrates present in the oral cavity and then releases acid. This acid attacks the tooth and weakens the enamel covering causing cavities. And may even expose the dentin and cause sensitivity.

Bacteria feed on all carbohydrates and not only simple sugars. This means bread, chips, potatoes, pasta, crackers can all contribute in forming cavities is the mouth.

Brush Immediately after you Eat

Brushing twice a day, in the morning and before bed is great! But if you’re brushing your teeth after every meal then you may actually be doing more bad than good.
The reason being, that when we eat a meal food enters the oral cavity and some of the food particles may get stuck in between your teeth. Bacteria will feed on these particles and release acid, which will attack the enamel covering of your teeth and promote the formation of plaque.

So basically right after a meal, bacteria in your mouth is fairly active and your teeth are being attacked; they are already in their weakest state. If you brush your teeth right now then the applied pressure of your toothbrush will further damage the enamel layer which may lead to tooth erosion.
So ideally wait at least 30-60 minutes after eating a meal to brush your teeth.

Only Pain will indicate a Problem

Most people are not too fond of the idea of visiting their dentist. And provide the excuse that as long as their teeth look okay and don’t hurt their absolutely healthy! This is a big misconception.

People don’t realize that teeth are not as expressive as other body parts. If your hand is injured you’ll easily see a scar or feel the pain of a bruise or cut. But when your teeth are damaged they may trigger no pain at all. And when it does start to hurt the problem has usually progressed much further.
Don’t let it come to that and take care of your teeth from day one. Keep them clean and visit your dentist every few months for a routine check-up to make sure everything is alright. Otherwise complex dental diseases and problems can be incredibly painful to bear.

Professional Teeth Whitening will weaken my Teeth

Whenever anything new is introduced in the market there is always some resistant against it. Teeth whitening procedures offered at dental clinics in Dubaihelp whiten and revitalize stained teeth. But many people refrain from these procedures, believing that the whitening mixture that is applied over the surface of the teeth has some sort of negative effect on its internal structure.

If applied by a professional dentist in Dubai then teeth whitening will pose no such problems. It is a very simple procedure and patients may feel mild irritation in the first 24 hours but this is completely normal. If you suffer from any other dental problem and fear teeth whitening could aggravate your condition, then consult your dentist to get exclusive advice.

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