Dental sedation for children for a pain-free dental experience

February 8, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
Dental sedation for children for a pain-free dental experience

A visit to the Pediatric Dentist in Dubai with your child can be a calm experience where the child will sit quietly through the dental examination and treatment to get to that promised reward once they finish or you may be one of those parents that has to drag a child kicking and screaming to the dentist.

For many reasons, largely that is untrue, visiting a dentist can be a nightmare for most children. Children could have the fear of having instruments put into their mouth, the dreaded sound of the drill, or the dentist himself as he peers into their little mouths.

However, there are certain times that you may not have much of a choice but to take your child to the dentist and have to undergo certain Dental Treatment in Dubai to their teeth that is absolutely necessary and that requires sedation, if they need to be completed using the proper method of treatment. In these instances, parents need to pick a Dentist in Dubai or in the city they live in based on the importance of the treatment. Older children may need oral sedatives to keep them conscious during the dental work but do not feel any pain in any way to help them through the procedure. Some dentist may use drugs, while others will use certain inhalation sedatives for children who are older than 6years of age.

For younger children sedation may not always be the best option. The reason for this is that even though the sedation technique will numb the pain, it will not restrict movement and in the rest of the body, and little children, many will not always understand the need to be cooperative and be still during the treatment. Especially if the child is having implants. In these instances, general anesthesia would perhaps be the best answer.

If you find the need to go for sedation dentistry for a pain free experience for your child, you need to look into elements such as the experience of the dentist, if the dental clinic has experience in dealing with dental sedation, the equipment they use and the devices they use to monitor the breathing of your child. Before you permit the Dentist in Abu Dhabi to use the sedation procedure, make sure to ask the dentist the following,

  • The exact type of sedation the child will need for a particular procedure
  • The credentials of the person who is monitoring your child while the dentist works
  • The quality of the monitoring equipment
  • The post-sedation and procedure care that is involved

Have the dentist go over all the information on what the child will feel once the procedure is completed and the sedative begins to wear out. This will help a parent deal with the child in a better way and look for any adverse reactions. Sedation can sometimes be a necessary part of dental treatment for children, therefore use a reputed dentist in Dubai to perform the procedure.

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