Five Signs You Need Dental Implants

May 14, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
Five Signs You Need Dental Implants

A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth surgically placed into the jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. There are many reasons why someone would need dental implants, which go above and beyond just cosmetic reasons. However, understanding these reasons may sometimes be confusing without professional help. Here are some insights from the dentist panel at the  American Dental Clinic  In Dubai on five obvious signs that say you might need a dental implant. 


Severely Chipped Tooth or Missing Teeth

One of the most obvious signs that indicate or perhaps a key reason why many opt for dental implants is when they have severely chipped or missing teeth. Dental implants have a clear impact on how your smile looks. This is also one of the reasons why many tend to perceive it as a cosmetic procedure when in truth it serves many other positive functional purposes as well. 

Usually, your dentist will recommend implants when other ordinary or traditional means to restore a chipped or missing tooth don’t work or are not feasible. This ensures more security, comfort, and aesthetic appeal with long-term and sustainable results. 

As implants are made using ceramic and titanium materials, they look like natural teeth. Besides that, its durability allows you to eat, talk, or laugh without having to worry if they will loosen or crack. 

You Have Ill-Fitting Dentures

A common problem with using dentures is that it becomes loose on your mouth after some time, as the gum tissues and jaw begin to shrink. This is one of the reasons why dentures may feel like they are about to fall out when you eat and laugh. If you have ill-fitting dentures, then getting implants can act as permanent affixation on your oral cavity that assures you peace of mind. The best part is that you can brush and floss with implants as you would with your natural teeth and it doesn’t require frequent replacements as well. 

 You Have Bone Loss in Your Jaw Area

Jawbone deterioration gives a sunken-in appearance. This condition mostly occurs when an adult tooth is removed and not replaced. Apart from interfering with functional needs like eating, chewing, and talking, jawbone deterioration can affect confidence significantly. Dental implants promote osseointegration, a process that enables implant roots to stimulate jawbone growth. This ensures a lower chance of bone loss over time.

Signs Of Infection 

Sometimes you can have an infected tooth because of periodontal disease, injury, or other causes. If you feel like this infection is severe, then it’s a sign that you need an implant, as it can provide both cosmetic and functional benefits. If the infection has affected the integrity of the tooth an implant can restore its appearance. Similarly, it can relieve you from the pain of infection and prevent more serious health problems due to untreated infections. Remember that infections lead to further tooth loss and spread to the rest of the body and cause additional health problems. 

Sunken Face Or Sunken Cheeks 

If you feel like your face is sinking or gives out a caved-in appearance, then it’s a sign that dental implants can be beneficial. One of the reasons for a sunken face is bone loss from missing teeth which is also a common outcome in those who wear dentures. Dentures don’t remove growth like implants, which means that the cheekbones will continue to recede. The natural lift accompanied by implants gives your face a more youthful look and improves the ability to chew and speak with a proper jawbone structure.

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