How Good Health And An Enticing Smile Work Together In 3 Points

April 7, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
How Good Health And An Enticing Smile Work Together In 3 Points

Healthy eating is all the rage right now. Given how the rise in fast foods has quickened the spread of health issues, it’s actually a very good thing. It would be even better though if people bothered to implement these practices into their lives, but mindsets are changing just as fast so we should see some positivity hopefully soon. It’s quite true that ‘you are what you eat’. Stuff yourself with nothing but junk, and that’s exactly what’ll show. Eat well and live well, and you’ll see the drastic difference. Leaner, stronger bodies with more muscle tone is just the half of it. Dentists in Dubai say that by taking the initiative to eat well, you’re at the same time helping your dental health along.

How though? Well we all know how confectioneries and acidic foods are bad for our teeth, but it goes beyond that. The roots between good health and a healthy smile reach much deeper down in a long-entwining relationship. The basic principle is that if you want to avoid having to get dental implants in Abu Dubai, then you need to treat your teeth from the inside out.

  1. FRESH BREATH: Imagine meeting someone with the most perfect smile you ever did see, only to have them speak and be fogged by a cloud of bad breath. It’s a sensitive subject, but it’s an important one to address because, aside from the fact that it creates awkward situations it’s a sign of bad health. Consistent bad breath is more than a surface problem if it can’t be treated with mouthwash. That means that it’s actually emanating from inside your body due to problems with digestion. So if you eat the right stuff and indulge in moderation, you can avoid a lot more than dental implants in Dubai. Fresh breath is a good indicator of proper health so make sure you stick at it.
  1. NO PLAQUE: You know that sticky, filmy stuff that clings onto your teeth? Well that’s plaque and it forms when you neglect to brush your teeth or if you eat too much junk food. The absence of plaque is a sign of good health. You see, if you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables your teeth clean out very well without you needing to constantly brush them. Seeing as how plaque has been linked to a range of major diseases, no plaque is more than just about a pretty smile. It could see you living in good health well into your old age! Plus, your dentist in Dubai will be happy to see you taking care of yourself.
  1. STRONGER TEETH: Good health means stronger teeth, which means a great smile. It’s perfectly fine to gorge on cakes, cookies and other totally sinful food delights; just so long as you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs. Remember calcium and minerals are essential for your teeth so you can’t skimp on them. Basically the stronger your teeth, the longer they will shine and sparkle allowing you to smile and strut with some confidence!
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