Habits To Stop In 2023 For Better Oral Health

January 7, 2023 - By Bruce Michaelson
Habits To Stop In 2023 For Better Oral Health

You brush, floss, and visit the dentist frequently to keep your smile bright and healthy, but do you know what behaviors seriously damage your teeth? For example, while eating sugary snacks in between meals is a bad habit, other actions can damage teeth Which are rather less evident. So here are some poor oral hygiene habits to steer clear of.

Not Flossing

Flossing removes food stuck between teeth and cleans the area surrounding the gum line, where germs can accumulate and lead to bad breath (also known as halitosis). However, because flossing takes time or is challenging to do correctly, many people only do it occasionally. If this applies to you, floss picks can be used instead of regular flossing. Which when compared to traditional floss, is simpler to use.

Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco are two of the most dangerous habits when it comes to oral hygiene. Both contribute to gum disease, which is harmful to your teeth. Smoking also contributes to tooth loss and decay. While chewing tobacco promotes cavities and mouth cancer, the chemicals in the smoke also produce poor breath and stained teeth. In addition, It can affect your gums, teeth, heart, and lungs as well.

Clenching or Grinding Your Teeth

Although it is frequently a subconscious habit, clenching and grinding the teeth can lead to tooth damage, muscle pain, and limited jaw movement. The American Dental Association advises relaxing techniques, a nocturnal mouth guard, and being more conscious of when the clenching or grinding occurs to help prevent this damaging behavior.

Eating Hard Candy, Toffee, And Popcorn Kernels

Dentists in Dubai advise against consuming hard sweets. It may harm your teeth increasing the likelihood of developing cavities. The sugar in hard candies contribute contributes to tooth decay as well. One of the harmful foods you should avoid eating if you want a healthy smile include chewy toffee and popcorn kernels. These foods are hard that they can completely break or chip a tooth. Although nuts are a nutritious snack, you risk damaging a filling or possibly a tooth if you bite into a hard one.

Chewing Ice

Do you mindlessly munch on the last of the ice crystals after finishing a cool, delicious drink? The Dental hygienists at the American Dental Center in Dubai suggest drinking through a straw or sipping your beverages to help break the habit of biting on the ice which will avoid the risk of breaking a tooth or filling.

Eating Acidic Foods

Eating certain foods like tomatoes, sports drinks, and citrus fruits and juices can weaken your teeth’ enamel and erode them. Tooth erosion can make your teeth appear dark while revealing the discolored dentin beneath. Bleaching is not effective in restoring deteriorated enamel. In most instances, getting veneers is the only reliable way to fix this.

Avoiding the Dentist

In addition to these habits that damage teeth, neglecting preventive dental care can also harm oral health. It’s simple to convince yourself that you’re too busy for a dental exam or that the pain you occasionally experience when you bite down will go away, but you should still schedule frequent dental checkups at a reliable place like the American Dental Clinic. Make an effort to make that call the next time you’re tempted to put off making a dental appointment.

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