Why At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit May Not Be A Good Choice

November 20, 2017 - By Bruce Michaelson
Why At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit May Not Be A Good Choice

At-home teeth whitening kits are popular as it restores whiteness and a healthy shine to dull and stained teeth. They are safe, affordable and usually do exactly what it says on the package. However, at-home teeth whitening kits may not be your best option. Let’s look at top reasons why you may need to forego do-it-yourself kits.


You are an early teen

You are a teenager but still on the early side of it. Teeth whitening kits are very popular amongst teenagers. If you are an older teen, there are minimal dental risks involved as long as you follow the instructions correctly. However, in younger teens the enamel is still immature and the development process of permanent teeth may become vulnerable due to at-home teeth whitening.


You skip over instructions

If you have a tendency to skip over instructions or not think they are too important, an at-home teeth whitening kit will not work for you. For home kits to work, you need to follow instructions carefully. Remember, as much as do-it-yourself kits are safe, the safety is in place as long as you use it properly. If not, it can lead to damaging the enamel and eroding it permanently.


You need to get dental work done

First things first, the reason people use teeth whitening kits is because you want a brighter and whiter smile. Teeth whitening, however, do not fix everything that contributes to a less than ideal smile. If you suffer from dental irregularities like chipped or broken teeth, you need to address it first. At the same time, discolouration originating from inside will not be resolved with a teeth whitening kit. It is designed to whiten the stains on the outer surface of your teeth. For internal tooth staining, you need to visit a dentist in Dubai and get professional teeth whitening done.


To control the brightness

At-home whitening kits don’t have a control button on fine tuning the whiteness. If you have teeth whitening done at a dental clinic in Dubai, a professional dentist has the skill and technique to control the amount of bleaching which can range from soft bright to Hollywood bright. In addition, professional teeth whitening may take fewer sessions and produce long lasting results, compared to an at-home kit.


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