How Can Malnutrition Lead To Complete Extraction Of Your Teeth?

April 15, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson

The right amount of nutrition and balancing a healthy diet are crucial to ensuring that you lead a positive life. Oral health is also greatly affected by the nutrients in our food, and you must steer clear of some beverages and food items that may prove detrimental to the health of your teeth. When a person opts for poor food choices, it will directly affect oral hygiene. The interesting fact to note is that certain foods which are said to be healthy for the body might, in the long term, lead to the complete extraction of teeth. A family dentist must be consulted periodically to ensure that proper oral hygiene is maintained. In this blog, we look at how nutrition affects oral health and some of the food items and drinks that must be avoided.

Importance Of Nutrition

When a person does not visit the dentist regularly and consumes food items that are low in nutrients, it can cause cavities and other dangerous dental diseases like periodontitis. The first point to note is that timely intervention is vital, and one must be careful of the food intake both in quality and quantity. Along with eating good food, the lifestyle you maintain has a say in the health of your teeth. A balanced diet is pivotal for having healthy teeth, as some nutrients are required for the teeth to grow and develop well. Once you choose to eat and live healthily, your teeth will be in pristine condition, and there will be no need for any extraction.

Food To Avoid

When it comes to food that must be removed from your diet, sugary beverages and food items top the list. It is not just candy that one must avoid since even some energy drinks and cough syrups have a lot of refined sugar, which is extremely unhealthy for the teeth. This type of substance tends to stick to the enamel of the teeth and cause bacterial infections and other problems.. Another culprit is carbonated drinks as they have high sugar content, and most of us are unaware of the dangers of the different types of soda available in the market.

You might not realize it, but food that is high in carbohydrates can do significant harm to the teeth. This is because they tend to stick to the outer layer of the teeth and act like sugary food. Alcohol consumption must be reduced because one of the side effects of alcoholic drinks is dry mouth, and when used in excess, alcohol and nicotine products may also lead to oral cancer. Regular visits to the dental clinic can help diagnose and treat such diseases promptly. Finally, food items and beverages with a high caffeine amount are bad for the teeth.

Improve Your Food Habits

Most people have a habit of drinking coffee in the morning and enjoying a doughnut for breakfast. It is far healthier to snack on an apple, and it is proven that apples can help you stay awake better than coffee or other caffeinated drinks. When someone does not get the right intake of nutrients, there is a high chance their immune system will be at risk. If you cannot stay away from sugary foods or snacks that are high in starch, it is good to reduce the intake of such food items and use them in small quantities. Besides making sure that you eat the right food, it is necessary to brush at least twice a day and floss regularly to prevent extraction of your teeth due to gum diseases.

The professional team of specialty dentists at the American Dental Clinic in Dubai are experts in their field. We make sure that our clients’ oral health is the top priority. By advising you on the right type of nutrients to include in your diet, our dental specialists ensure there is no need for tooth extraction.

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