How to deal with Sensitivity?

May 16, 2016 - By Bruce Michaelson
How to deal with Sensitivity?

Sensitivity has become an increasingly common problem in adults one that is expected to rise even further in the coming years. Mainly because individuals fail to recognize sensitivity as a serious health concern one that can potentially inhibit a person’s ability to eat and drink various things.

Understand the Problem – What is Sensitivity?

Sensitivity is a sharp sensation a person feels when they consume something very hot or something very cold. The sudden burst of pain can be very uncomfortable, and may often force an individual to stay away from items that can trigger the pain. Like tea, coffee, ice cream, popsicles or even soup.

What causes it?

Sensitivity is caused by the weakening of the enamel layer that forms a protective covering over the tooth, or by gum recession. It causes dentin – the part of the tooth that covers the nerve to become exposed. Once the dentin is exposed the things we eat will come into direct contact with the nerve endings in the mouth and hence trigger pain. The pain may be immense but it is usually brief.
Dentists in Dubai believe that sensitivity can be caused by a number of reasons. Patients may be:

  • Suffering from Periodontal Gum Disease
  • Brushing their teeth with too much force and pressure, causing the weakening of the enamel
  • Suffering from tooth erosion due to Bulimia or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
  • Suffering from gum recession which is exposing the root surfaces.

People need to realize that sensitivity may not be the only problem at hand. It may be a symptom of a much more severe underlying problem like Periodontal Gum Disease. If gum disease is left untreated it can cause prolonged weakening of the tooth’s structure and wear-down the gums surrounding the tooth, which may even lead to complete tooth loss in the future.

Thankfully though cosmetic treatment for missing teeth is very easily available in Dubai where patients can have their teeth restored through dental implants in Dubai. But the foremost concern should be to prevent such a situation from arising in the first place.

How to Deal with your Sensitivity?

Dentists in Dubai advise treatment depending on the root cause behind the pain and discomfort.
If your sensitive teeth are due to the presence of cavities, a dental restoration may be placed. If periodontal gum disease is the problem, then professional cleaning of the concerned tooth can be carried out. And if sensitivity has arisen due to the weakening of the enamel layer causing the dentin to be exposed, then different measures can be takes to strengthen the teeth and to restore the enamel layer. This can be done by:

  • Teaching patients to brush their teeth correctly i.e. slowly and thoroughly with minimal application of pressure.
  • Using a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Make use of a special toothpaste that can help overcome sensitivity
  • Fluoride Application – That helps to clean and strengthen teeth
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