The Implications of Poorly Maintaining Dental Implants – Post Treatment

May 14, 2024 - By Bruce Michaelson

Many people, especially those involved in sports like cycling and skateboarding (something on the rise in Dubai), have found new leases on their smiles after seeking dental implantation treatment, over the more traditional option of dentures, to replace their lost teeth.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants involve having screws placed into the jaw bone. Several months later, replacement porcelain teeth are attached to them. These dental implants are quite the advancement in dental surgery for they enable their recipients to lead normal lives. They are very sturdy and patients do not face any problems in chewing, biting, eating or speaking. However, it is important to consider that dentists constantly emphasize on the fact that the benefits of dental implants are likely to be nullified if they are not properly taken care of.

Dentists in Dubai explain that these implants have proven to be very successful but due to patients not knowing how to maintain and take care of them, there has been a rise in problems related to them post treatment.

There have been more and more cases of peri-implantitis among patients. Peri-implantitis is a bacterial infection around the implants; the infection causes inflammation of the gums, and in worst cases has the potential to lead to bone loss in the patient’s jaw.

What are patients fitted with implants required to do?

Many patients have the misconception that implants are indestructible. This is surely not the case. Cases of Dental Implant are only successful as long as patients take care of their new teeth. Patients are generally given guidelines on how to improve their oral hygiene, which also requires them to quit smoking.

Patients who smoke, already have gum disease, or do not clean their teeth regularly are at greater risk of developing gum disease after being fitted with dental implants in Abu Dhabi. In order to ensure proper dental health, patients even after being fitted with implants should go for regular dental check-ups.

Understanding Dental Implants and their Risks

Implants are a substitute for a natural tooth root. Implants are made from titanium.  These implants are inserted through the gum and into the jawbone in order to provide support to the replacement tooth. Once these implants are in place and the gum has healed, an internal screw is placed on the implant allowing false teeth to be fitted on top of them.

One important thing that many clinics fail to mention is that no matter how good the implants are there is a chance that they will fail at some point.

The overall message is very simple. Implants are no different from natural teeth and roots. They have to be taken care of in the same way. Also, at the first sign of inflammation of the gums or any deterioration of the implant, a visit to your dentist is a must. Issues can be resolved, but if you do not act fast, they may lead to permanent bone loss.

Many dentists in Abu Dhabi complain that the attitude among patients regarding dental hygiene is very ignorant and negligent. This is a problem that can lead to many complications. So become well aware before the treatment.

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