Improving Smiles and the Quality Of Life with Dental Implant

May 2, 2020 - By Bruce Michaelson
Improving Smiles and the Quality Of Life with Dental Implant

Dental implants are growing popular all over the world. Thanks to the advanced techniques that are less invasive and more cost-effective, a large number of people are smiling confidently again! 

For those who are not aware, a dental implant is a surgical procedure of fixing an artificial tooth on a metallic screw in place of a missing tooth. The implant is fused to the jawline to provide more support compared to dentures and offer complete functionality of a real tooth. Dental implants are also more popular because it is designed to look more natural.

Over the years, dental implants have built a strong reputation in prosthetic dentistry with its high success rate and customizable options. It is an excellent option for individuals looking to fill the gap in their smiles for just a single tooth or even for someone who is completely edentulous.

Dental implants have also longer shelf life and give the following benefits as compared to traditional dentures:

Easy Maintenance and hygiene

Dental implants can be cleaned using a regular soft-bristled toothbrush and do not require any other special tools.  With best practices in oral hygiene such as flossing, brushing twice a day, just like caring for a normal tooth, dental implants can be maintained easily. It is also hassle-free because dental implants are a permanent solution and don’t have to be removed for maintenance like dentures.

Improved speech

Missing a set of teeth causes a drastic impact on an individual’s speech by affecting the ability to talk clearly. Dental implants improve speech by filling the gaps that cause slurred speech and restore one‘s confidence in having a normal conversation.

Improved smile

With a more natural look, dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and make a difference in your smile. It easily restores the overall appearance of your face by giving you a healthy smile. A person will need not be conscious and

Better eating

Eating without proper teeth can be a difficult task. Dental implants act completely like natural teeth and allow you to bite and chew better. With comfortable and strong support, individuals with dental implants need not worry about the tooth dislodging or food getting stuck to their gums.

Better facial and dental structure

Another striking benefit of dental implants is that it does not affect the adjacent set of teeth. Unlike dentures that apply pressure on them for support, dental implants offer a much more stable foundation on its own. It also preserves bone by and avoids thinning caused by loss of teeth. This helps in maintaining the structure of the jaw and overall facial features.

With a brand new smile and improved eating, self-confidence is bound to be renewed. With an overall success rate as high as 98 percent, dental implant that is done right and maintained with care can dramatically affect one’s lifestyle. It can help a person to eat their favorite food, laugh freely and live life to the fullest without being conscious.

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