It’s National Dental Hygiene Month

January 4, 2015 - By Bruce Michaelson
It’s National Dental Hygiene Month

The Dentist in Dubai explains that people do have a lot of bacteria in their mouth and in certain instances, it comes closer to the amount of people that are on earth.

You may think this is disgusting!, but it’s true. However, most of these bacteria are harmless and some can be very helpful too, but you need to watch out for the deadly bacteria that settles in your teeth and gums and cause gum disease. Statistics show that about 80 percent of adults get gum disease at some stage and is a common occurrence, but it needs to be treated in the initial stages.

People suffering from gum disease are at a very high risk of contracting gum disease and other dental issues as well.  Diabetes can weaken the body’s system or fighting germs and high blood glucose levels can make gum disease worse, and gum disease in turn can make blood glucose levels difficult to control.

October is National Dental Hygiene Month and in order to help raise awareness about the benefits of oral health and what people with diabetes can do to prevent dental health problems, the  Dental Care Dubai is advising patients on the steps to take .

Here is a  look at some of the questions that patients with diabetes may have about caring for their beautiful smile.

    • Other than gum disease what are the other dental health issues that people with diabetes develop?Gum disease is the most frequent problem for individuals with diabetes, they may also become prone to other oral problems like mouth infections, oral thrush, poor healing and dry mouth.
    • Do blood glucose levels have any effect on developing gum disease?This can happen and high blood glucose levels  aggravate gum disease. As with all infections,  gum disease causes blood glucose to rise and make diabetes harder to control.
    • At regular dental visits should the dentists be informed about the diabetic condition?

If you do have diabetes, you should tell the dentist, even if there are any changes in the diabetes medication that you are taking. The best Dental Clinic in Dubai advises patients to delay or postpone all non-emergency dental procedures if their blood glucose levels are alarmingly high.

  • Does a patient know they are suffering from gum diseases?There are no visible signs of gum disease. Regular dentist visits will help detect it early, but most often, patients may not know until it’s too late.
  • What are the signs of gingivitis and serious gum disease?
    The symptoms include, bleeding,  swollen or tender gums, gums that have pulled away from the teeth, pus between the teeth when the gums are pressed, bad breath, permanent teeth that get loose and move around and changes in the way the teeth fit when you bite.
    How can dental problems associated with diabetes be prevented?


Controlling blood sugar levels, taking care of dental health, regular visits to the dentist and early Dental Treatment in Dubai to prevent dental problems and regular cleaning and flossing.

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