LANAP Laser Treatment: What Are The Benefits and How Effective It Is For Gum Treatment?

December 21, 2022 - By Bruce Michaelson
LANAP Laser Treatment: What Are The Benefits and How Effective It Is For Gum Treatment?

It is normal to feel uneasy if you have severe periodontitis, also called gum disease. Several uncomfortable symptoms of gum disease can make you feel self-conscious and apprehensive about your general health and smile. But the Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) is a quick and simple treatment for gum disease.

There are various alternatives for treating people with gum disease, including LANAP. The dentist must use a scalpel to make incisions into the gum tissues for other surgical operations like bone transplant or flap repair. Instead of slicing through healthy gums, LANAP employs laser technology to clear the pocket and remove damaged tissue.
The LANAP treatment is a perfect alternative for most people with gum disease. In this process, the gums are treated without an operation using a specialized dental laser. The laser removes tartar layers and filth while focusing on the infection without harming the surrounding healthy gums. The pocket is then sealed using the laser rather than stitches or glue.

With LANAP, you can visit a dentist or periodontist, have treatment, and return to your normal activities with hardly any disruption. But before you consent to the procedure, you must have a thorough understanding of what your alternatives are for treatment. You can support your oral and general health by making the smartest, most informed decision by having reliable background information.


What Steps Make Up a LANAP Procedure?

Traditional gum surgery is no longer considered by most individuals. Your periodontist will apply the Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) to target and remove unhealthy tissue. It eliminates the need for scalpels and the agonizing removal of gum tissue. It means that LANAP offers a far less intrusive process with a quicker recovery. A little overview of the whole LANAP procedure is the following:

  • Examine your gums to establish the extent of therapy required for each tooth
  • Use a laser to essentially burst the microbial contamination.
  • Use ultrasonic scalers and other tools to remove tartar that causes illness.
  • Activate the laser to reattach the root to the gum tissue.
  • Grind down a portion of the tooth (occlusal adjustment) to further inhibit the development of new tartar

What are the benefits of choosing a LANAP procedure?

Compared to conventional surgery, the LANAP procedure is more comfortable for patients. Patients usually experience minor discomfort from the treatment. While anesthesia is still required for individuals undergoing laser surgery, the recovery time is frequently under 24 hours. Healthy gums are not impacted, and there is a reduced risk of infection. Aside from these, here are other benefits of a LANAP procedure.

Reduces Bleeding

Lasers are effective in killing plaque at their source, aside from removing bacteria from your teeth. The end effect is a satisfying decrease in gum swelling and bleeding. Additionally, laser gum therapy may lower your likelihood of needing dental and gum surgery.

Quick Recovery Periods

The quick recovery after laser gum surgery is one of its best features. Furthermore, laser gum treatment barely harms your tooth, gums, and other adjacent dental structures. Compared to the recovery times following routine dental surgery, your recovery time will be shortened in half. Patients can heal more quickly than before because of the laser procedure’s efficacy.

Minimally Invasive

Laser gum surgery is a low-risk procedure. Laser surgery lessens the tension that dental patients often experience throughout the treatment because no terrifying drills are used.

The most unbelievable aspect is that laser gum surgery requires almost no anesthetic. In actuality, most patients claim to experience reduced discomfort, anguish, and other side effects from dental procedures. Another benefit is that you experience intense relaxation during your gum treatment rather than worry and anxiety.

Keeps Your Teeth Healthy

Your teeth remain active and healthy because of laser gum surgery. Laser gum treatments are utilized to maintain the health of your teeth areas that are still in good condition because of their accuracy.

Moreover, the laser gum treatment eradicates any cavities you might have. Do you have a severe bacterial oral infection? If that’s the case, maintaining healthy teeth will help your gums remain strong in the long run.

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