Laser Therapy For Periodontitis: Discover The Advanced Technique Of LANAP To Cure Your Gums

May 1, 2021 - By Bruce Michaelson
Laser Therapy For Periodontitis: Discover The Advanced Technique Of LANAP To Cure Your Gums

If you’re unaware of periodontitis, it’s a severe gum infection that can cause tooth loss or other serious health conditions while damaging the soft tissues. This is mainly caused by bacteria that are allowed to grow and accumulate in your teeth or gum. When Periodontitis is untreated, it can progress to destroy the bone that supports your teeth. 

Treating periodontitis at an early stage with proper oral hygiene directed by a dentist can stop tooth or gum damages. However, in severe cases, osseous surgery is the traditional way to treat this condition. The problem with traditional osseous surgery is that they are heavily invasive, have a long recovery time, and can result in pain and discomfort while healing. Because of these reasons, patients are very hesitant to undergo this surgery. LANAP was a surgery introduced to overcome these drawbacks of traditional osseous surgery. 

Standing for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure, LANAP is an advanced surgical therapy that treats periodontitis using a regeneration approach, unlike a resection approach in osseous surgery. Here are some of the advanced techniques LANAP uses to cure your gums in a painless and precise way with that detailed background setup. 

The Laser Light Avoids The Need For Resection 

The advanced core technique a LANAP surgery uses is its laser light or more specifically the PerioLase MVP-7 dental laser. The LANAP surgery is done thoroughly using this laser light technique without the need to resection your gum. Meaning, a LANAP surgery avoids the need to cut and stitch the gums to treat periodontitis making it less invasive and more precise. So with this advanced laser technique, you don’t have to worry about bleeding, stitches, operative pain, or post-treatment infections and discomfort, because your gums haven’t been cut like in conventional surgery. 

Not involving a resection approach also makes this laser technique less time-consuming and simple for both you and your dentist. The surgery takes roughly an hour or two, depending on your gum condition, compared to eight to ten one-hour sessions with conventional surgeries. 

Involves No, Or Very Less Gum Recession 

What happens with traditional surgery is that your gums are cut, making the tissue shrink and showing more of your teeth, causing gum recession. Most don’t like the aesthetic look of a gum recession. Traditional surgery can reduce your gum line from anywhere between gum lines anywhere from 2-15 mm. 

As LANAP surgery doesn’t involve any resection or cutting of your gums, this means that with the LANAP laser technique, there is no or very little gum recession. This assures you an aesthetic look to your gum post-surgery, making it more aesthetically desirable. 

Supports Natural Healing Without The Need For Grafting Or Implantation Of Synthetic Bone Materials 

Using a highly specific light frequency, the LANAP laser treatment can detect and eliminate diseases tissues that are located in your gums and teeth. Together with this, the laser light also removes and kills any harmful bacterial accumulated in your gum or teeth. 

When the diseased tissue and the harmful bacteria are removed together, it makes it easier for your gum and teeth to heal naturally. This technique avoids the need for your surgery to add foreign growth factors like grafting or implantation of synthetic bone materials to allow your gums to heal faster. 

With traditional osseous surgery, small cuts are made in your gum, and a section is lifted to remove tartar and bacteria from your mouth and under your gums and then sutured back. This results in swelling and pain that makes the healing process slow and painful. But in LANAP surgery, the removal of diseased tissue and the restoration of healthy tissues is done with a technique that causes less trauma to the gums, allowing them to heal faster. This painless laser technique is also more predictable and consistent with bone regeneration and gum attachment. It is also seen to be effective in reversing periodontal disease, unlike in conventional surgery. 

As you can see, the techniques applied by LANAP laser treatment, although less invasive, are very effective and convenient for patients. This is why many dental clinics are now moving to LANAP surgeries that take only a 2-hour painless procedure to cure your gums.

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